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‘Say Her Name’: Protesters on the Breonna Taylor case and BLM movement

September 24, 2020

Following the news that officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor would not be charged with murder, protesters across Chicago peacefully took to the streets to express their anger and fatigue...

Show me your ‘O’ face

February 14, 2020

La petite mort. Ezra shodan. Konchayu. Orgasm. The sought-after peak of sexual activity. Or, as defined by Merriam-Webster, “the rapid pleasurable release of neuromuscular tensions at the height of sexual...

In crisis: desertification threatens a way of life in the Sahara Desert

January 28, 2020

While arid conditions in the desert are characteristic, climate reports have raised concern over an accelerated rate of desertification—the process by which fertile land becomes desert—in the Sahara....

World’s largest Starbucks finds home on Magnificent Mile

November 18, 2019

The aroma of several different coffee brews, liquid nitrogen gelato and whiskey barrel-aged cold brew waft throughout the Chicago Reserve Roastery as a network of tubes pump freshly roasted coffee beans. The...

1,440 minutes later, students compete to create short comedy films

November 14, 2019

The 1440 Film Challenge, hosted by the Chicago Comedy Film Festival, tasked teams of Columbia filmmakers to create a short film in 24 hours, or 1,440 minutes. This challenge pushed the teams to work quickly...

OPINION: Back-to-school season combats the normalization of gun violence

OPINION: Back-to-school season combats the normalization of gun violence

September 24, 2019

Scissors and colored pencils come in handy for self-defense, knee-high socks are a lifesaver as a makeshift tourniquet and a phone is great for staying in touch with loved ones to say I love you one last time. A b...

The Garden of the Dead Walking Tour has run for the past 10 years and is led by Pamela Bannos. It starts at the Chicago History Museum and walks past the Couch Tomb and Lincoln Monument. 

Garden of the Dead tour unearths forgotten history of Lincoln Park

October 22, 2018

Grab your flashlight and prepare to walk through history as the Garden of the Dead Walking Tour sheds light on a time when Lincoln Park was Chicago’s only graveyard.The tour is hosted by the Chicago Hist...

Columbia creates video to focus on children

Columbia creates video to focus on children

October 22, 2018

A promotional video project five years in the making has wrapped up with a serious message for parents going through a divorce or separation. The project was commissioned by the Circuit Court of Cook County’s Domestic Relations Division and created by students in the Cine...

Columbia students express culture through traditions

Columbia students express culture through traditions

November 27, 2017

Every New Year’s Eve during the countdown to midnight, junior English and creative writing major Janae Iloreta, who is of Filipino descent, recalls opening all cabinets and turning on all electronics i...

1992 film and video alumnus Dan Asma, co-owner of the advertising agency Buddha Jones, found his calling in audiovisual marketing making movie and TV trailers for big Hollywood companies.

Alumnus discusses students finding their ‘niche’

October 31, 2016

After graduating from Columbia in 1992 with a film degree, Dan Asma moved to Los Angeles to pursue his love of making movies. However, he ended up in a new field—audiovisual marketing. After working ...

Students perform at HAUS for “A Capella” Ensemble | The Columbia Chronicle

May 9, 2016

Students in the Breakaway class in the music department organized the “A Capella” Ensemble performance May 9 at the Haus located in the 623 S. Wabash Ave., Building.The performance was directed by...

Mining towns need solid facts before show of support

By Editorial Board

January 25, 2016

Many Republicans have accused President Obama of “waging a war on coal” throughout his time in office because of his efforts to adapt to and prepare for the effects of climate change.However, the president recently acknowledged the green initiatives could hurt job prospects for those who rely on mining work.The New York Times reported Jan. 15 that Obama aims to stop building new coal plants, close existing plants, limit U...

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