Letter to the Editor: Looking through the window into students’ lives

By Letter to the Editor, by Jennifer Halperin

I always enjoy and learn a lot from the Chronicle’s compelling news coverage and opinion pieces on current events. But I’m also really moved by the personal stories your staff share with readers.

Most recently, Photojournalist Justin Anderson’s column about his father’s struggles with running his own business in Maine amidst COVID-19—but also the challenges and sacrifices involved in running one’s own business at all—was very revealing about the way this virus is hitting our community of students both far and near. Justin’s reflection on his life in Maine and the way his father’s work affected their relationship gives a rare glimpse into a student’s life outside the classroom or even the Chronicle. As someone who works with students daily, I consider it a gift to get to look through this window.

Thank you, Chronicle, for continuing your excellent news coverage but also all of the extra work you do to keep the Columbia community connected.