Fans ‘stepping inside a universe’ of Clairo feel the emotion at the Riviera Theatre

By Jared Callaway, Photojournalist

Fans crowded the Riviera Theatre, 4746 N. Racine Ave., in Uptown last week to hear the soulful, emotive vocals of Clairo and Arlo Parks. This was the first of Clairo’s two back-to-back shows in Chicago.

Arlo Parks opened the March 16 show for Clairo with her song “Green Eyes.” This song is about a short lived, gay relationship that failed to last due to a lack of acceptance. After “Green Eyes,” Parks transitioned into “Portra 400.”

Parks told Apple Music she “wanted this song to feel like the end credits rolling down on one of those coming-of-age films.”

Parks’ third track in her set “Caroline,” follows the public breakup of a couple.

Clairo, who came onto the stage with a full band, started off her set with “Bambi.” The beginning of the song talks about her “stepping inside a universe designed against [her] own beliefs,” as the lyrics say.

Clairo’s second song, “Zinnias,” deals with the thought of settling down with a child. “Wade” was the third song in Clairo’s set, which deals with feelings of loneliness. At the end of the show, she performed her hit songs “Pretty Girl” and “Sofia.”

Clairo is set to tour nationally and internationally through the fall. Fans can also follow her Instagram and Twitter for updates.