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Burton Hood El carefully lines up Travis Wilson.

Cultures, hair and life experiences intertwine in this Uptown salon

December 6, 2019

Music, laughter, the buzz of razors and various languages fill the room as a parade of people walking in and out stop to hug, laugh and converse about family, work and life in general. Located in the...

Large crowds gathered to celebrate Pride in Chicago with the city's 50th annual Pride Parade June 30.

Chicago’s 50th annual Pride Parade

June 30, 2019

Colorful crowds gathered June 30 to celebrate Pride in Chicago with the city’s 50th annual Pride Parade. Mayor Lori Lightfoot led the parade and was followed by state and local politicians includi...

New festival celebrates Thai New Year, promotes visibility

New festival celebrates Thai New Year, promotes visibility

By Miranda Manier

May 7, 2018

Every April, Thailand celebrates a three-day water fight for the nation’s new year, Songkran. This year, Chicago will celebrate its own Songkran with the Thai New Year Water Festival in Uptown. Dew Sur...

We create stories, but ours are still being told

We create stories, but ours are still being told

By Mackenzie Crosson

May 7, 2018

Being from Michigan, I visited Chicago often during summer vacations growing up. I was amazed by the massive flow of people crowding the sidewalks, breathtaking lakefront and the idea that endless opp...

Elsie Hernandez, president of the Haitian American Museum of Chicago, stands for a portrait in the museum's space at 4654 N. Racine Ave. 

Notable Native: Elsie Hector Hernandez

March 26, 2018

Elsie Hector Hernandez and her family moved to the U.S. from Haiti in the 1960s when she was a young girl. Though she was not raised in Haiti, Hernandez embraced its culture as an adult and started the H...

Student organization brings medieval combat to Columbia

By Katy Duffy

March 7, 2018

Medieval combat could become your new favorite sport, according to Columbia's Galahad Medieval Combat Society. The organization's members participate in the sport of Belegarth, a live-action battle game, and use foam weapons and dress in period clothing to simulate medieval combat. Junior interactive arts and media major Nicolas Markese, who has been fighting with Galahad for three years and is one of the society’s captain...

With updated costumes and a new name, team co-captain Jordan Gillespie said she hopes the Dance Team’s rebranding will increase student attendance and participation at performances. 

Columbia College Dance Team rebrands

October 9, 2017

The Columbia College Dance Team, which performs jazz and hip-hop dances at on- and off-campus events, has a new name, new costumes and a more frequent performing schedule. Senior education major and co-captain of the dance team, Jordan Gillespie said the name Lady Renegades was chang...

The Wabash Arts Corridor exhibit in 623 S. Wabash Ave. Building devotes space to showing how its murals were planned, and allows students to create a mural of their own. 

WAC opens new exhibit with variety of artwork

September 18, 2017

The Wabash Arts Corridor opened a new exhibit Sept. 15 that includes murals and a variety of interactive and performance art. Neysa Page-Lieberman, director and curator of the Department of Exhibitions, Performance and Student Spaces, said she considers the new exhibit, located a...

Clashing Communities: Autistic and LGBTQ individuals fight for their right to be both

Clashing Communities: Autistic and LGBTQ individuals fight for their right to be both

September 11, 2017

The first time Cyree Jarelle Johnson thought about hiding their* autism was in the sixth grade. They knew that if they did not learn to hide it, Johnson’s life would become drastically different. What l...

Tent City future at stake over bike paths

Several construction notices are posted along the viaductsWilson and Lawrence Avenues. 

By Jackie Murray

September 5, 2017

A bright orange warning sign plastered on a viaduct wall below Lake Shore Drive in Uptown tells 50 or so homeless residents who have found refuge there that they will be forced to move. The construction...

Mark Saulys, a resident of Tent City and organizer at One Northside, will benefit from the city's housing pilot program and move into a home soon, he said. 

Homeless lose refuge at Tent City

March 27, 2017

Below the busy Lake Shore Drive bridge over Wilson Avenue, snow and ice secures Mark Saulys’ tent to the cement. He has been homeless for more than a year but will trade his nylon walls for a sturdi...

Rauner: ‘Let’s put Illinois back on the road to prosperity’

By Eric Bradach

February 15, 2017

Creating a balanced budget and jobs as well as more “comprehensive” state budget methods were the goals Gov. Bruce Rauner outlined Feb. 15 in his 2017 Budget Address.The road has been tough for the two-year politician. Rauner has been unable to compromise with the Democratically controlled General Assembly on a proposed spending plan since he took office, and the more than 19-month budget impasse has damaged the state...

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