Fans help Olivia O’Brien ‘Keep It Movin” at Chicago’s House of Blues

By Jared Callaway, Photojournalist

Olivia O’Brien sang her heart out as she performed her pop-infused set, “The Olivia O’Brien Show.”

O’Brien introduced her show in the style of a vintage advertisement, using a large TV prop to make announcements about the “episodes” of “The Olivia O’Brien Show.” She danced around the stage to songs from her new EP, “Episodes: Season 1,” such as “Keep It Movin’.” O’Brien also performed “We’re All Gonna Die,” which brings a happy beat to a sad song.

This album is packed full of emotions about past and present relationships, and fans shouted along with the lyrics with the same enthusiasm as O’Brien performed.

“Episodes” is a two-part album series, and each of her songs represents an “episode” of a TV show. O’Brien also performed songs from earlier in her career, such as “I Don’t Exist,” which talks about a struggle to find belonging, and “hate u love u,” which went on to become a hit when it was remixed with pop singer Gnash in 2016.

The indie singer drumaq opened up the show with a soulful performance of many songs from his album “Vitamin D,” including “Insecurities” and “Granola.” These both give a sense of nostalgia and lamentation of past relationships. He later played a newer song, which originally featured O’Brien, titled “Claim.” 

UPSAHL, an indie-pop artist, also opened for O’Brien and sang while rocking out on guitar, performing her hit song “Drugs,” as well as songs from her recent album titled “Lady Jesus.” Her music erupted throughout the venue under aqua and green lights. Both performances gave powerful openings for O’Brien’s set.

The lights in the venue dimmed as the “The Olivia O’Brien Show” concluded. O’Brien performed her set the entire way through, with fans singing along to the very end.

The tour concluded Sunday, Nov. 28, but fans can follow O’Brien on Instagram and Twitter for future tour updates.