Featured Athlete : Kain Colter

By Kyle Rich

Kain Colter, junior quarterback, runningback and wide receiver for the undefeated Northwestern University Wildcats, is an offensive triple threat who deftly handles the ball. During the team’s Sept. 29 victory over the Indiana Hoosiers, Colter had 297 offensive yards, rushed for 164 yards, caught nine passes and scored four touchdowns, which earned him his second Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week award. The Chronicle phoned in Colter to talk about playing multiple positions and his role on the team.

Kain Colter: I think [dual threats are] great for the game. It’s tough for defense when you have to defend a guy who’s able to throw the ball and at the same time can hurt you with his feet. It makes the defense very disciplined in the pass rush. It’s just another option, another threat, while the defense has a lot to account for.

Did you ever envision yourself playing such an

expansive role?

I feel like since the day I [joined the team] the coaches have been able to see that I’m a versatile player and can do a lot of things. Really, it came down to where they thought I could help the team in certain games.

Do you have different ways of mentally preparing for each position you play, and do you prefer one position over

the others?

As far as preparation, I’m in the quarterback room every day, and I’ve been there my whole career. So [when playing] quarterback, you have to know every position on offense, so that prepares me mentally. I think the biggest thing physically is being prepared and knowing how to run the routes. As running back , [I have] to know the proper footwork and how to read the blocks. I love playing quarterback. That’s my favorite position, but I love catching the ball. Whatever position I’m able to go out to make plays and help [the team] is my favorite position for the day.

How has your role on the team changed since last year?

I feel like this year I’m kind of the leader on offense. I feel like my quarterback role has taken a lot more time, and I’m spending a lot more time on the field.

Has Northwestern’s decades-long Bowl drought given this team the inspiration to win?

Definitely. I think everybody who’s a part of this team wants to be the team that’s known as breaking that drought. This season, we’ve taken the mentality of being 1-0 every week and not looking forward or looking back. If the Bowl game comes along, we’ll start thinking about that. In order to get there you have to look at every game as it’s own and focus on winning.