Editors’ Note: New year, same passionate philosophy

By Kendall Polidori and Mari Devereaux

At the beginning of a new year, it is typical to look toward the next chapter with a renewed mindset and resolutions.

But the year did not begin with much promise. Many hopes of a fresh start were dashed in the first few weeks, with COVID-19 still taking lives, riots erupting at the Capitol and the president of the U.S. being impeached for the second time.

Last week, however, there was an aura of change in the air with a new president and vice president, the promise of vaccines finally being distributed to the public and restaurants anxiously awaiting the green light for steps toward reopening and a return to normal.

Since March of 2020, Chronicle staffers have been resilient in adapting to the tumultuous times—whether it be the pandemic, political tensions or mass civil unrest.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we found ourselves creating the framework of a “new Chronicle” that worked remotely and was entirely online. In our last semester as co-editors-in-chief, we hope to develop a working definition of what it means to be a Chronicle staff member during these times and what steps must be taken to serve the Columbia community promptly and transparently.

Our main goals are still to serve as a critical source of information, to amplify diverse voices, to act as a collaborative learning environment for both our staffers and readers and to hold the college accountable.

As the Spring 2021 semester begins, we will continue working toward these objectives. Instead of starting a brand new list of resolutions, however, we plan to stay on course while adding these additional goals:

—Develop a larger digital presence by expanding our multimedia content and social media outreach.

—Work on more in-depth stories that cover a wider breadth of the Columbia student, faculty and staff experience.

—Stay positive despite the circumstances and provide necessary information that lends a hand during troubled times.

—Break down complicated information about vaccines, the pandemic and other safety guidelines or regulations in order to make the subjects easier to digest and understand.

—Engage with our audience more on issues that matter to them.

—Foster a strong, albeit virtual, newsroom and leave a solid foundation when we and other seniors leave at the end of the semester.

—Report on and tell diverse stories.

—Be ready to pivot and adapt when necessary, with the hope of producing a print publication before the end of the semester.

While our time at the college is coming to a close, our careers are just getting started, and we want to leave a foundation for future generations of Chronicle staffers to learn and grow in the same ways we have.

We have already learned 2021 will be a year that will keep us on our toes, and as we have done in the past, the Chronicle will remain diligent and dedicated to providing factual information and stories in an empathetic and honest way.