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Birders use binoculars to observe birds in the middle of the Douglas Park golf course.

Bird-watching and biking event brings awareness to environmental justice issues in North Lawndale and Little Village

October 22, 2020

For neighbors in North Lawndale and Little Village, bird-watching, biking and other outdoor activities may be the key in bringing awareness to issues of environmental justice. "Bikes, Birds and Envir...

Quidditch players participate in socially-distanced activities like individual shooting drills and a 40-yard dash.

Renegades sports make a comeback with a new biggest competitor — the coronavirus

October 16, 2020

With masks on, shoes tightly laced and sweat beading on their skin, team members run at the blow of a whistle. But, they all maintain their distance and avoid any form of physical contact, sanitizing their ...

Flesch takes a photo with a disposable camera for his supporters, Armando Orozco (right) and Mariana Castellanos (left) who were visiting Chicago.

Same store, same history, new location: Central Camera prepares to reopen

October 16, 2020

When Don Flesch reopens Central Camera in its temporary location later this month, the store’s longtime customers will not be traveling much farther than before. That is because the store will be reopeni...

Along with interviewing residents of the neighborhood, the

Photo series showcases diversity in Rogers Park

October 14, 2020

Iman Music and Leah Schiffman were at the park one evening during the summer when a casual conversation pushed them into action. During a socially-distant picnic, they discussed an idea for a ph...

After weeks of negotiations, Columbia's part-time faculty union, CFAC, secured ultraviolet germicidal irradiation and proper hazard assessments for some classrooms. Faculty members will now have the option to teach remotely for the rest of the semester if their room has not been assessed.

BREAKING: CFAC reaches agreement with college on in-person teaching, safety concerns

October 6, 2020

The college's part-time faculty union, CFAC, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the administration after union members accused administrators of sending “threatening and reckless” lett...

Columbia introduces new community outreach platform, CampusGroups

Columbia introduces new community outreach platform, CampusGroups

September 25, 2020

With the 2020-21 academic year in full swing, the college has unveiled a new community platform with the hope of bringing students closer than before, despite most fall interactions takin...

‘Say Her Name’: Protesters on the Breonna Taylor case and BLM movement

September 24, 2020

Following the news that officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor would not be charged with murder, protesters across Chicago peacefully took to the streets to express their anger and fatigue...

Editor's Note: spread kindness, not the coronavirus

Editor’s Note: spread kindness, not the coronavirus

September 21, 2020

Over the last six months, I have witnessed countless discouraging events that leave me questioning my faith in humanity as both a journalist and a human being. Since the coronavirus pandemic beg...

Editors' Note: A remote Chronicle

Editors’ Note: A remote Chronicle

September 7, 2020

It might be strange, but even after working remotely from the comfort of our homes since the middle of March, coming to the realization that the Chronicle will not be operating in the office surrounded by a...

After months of planning and strategizing, President and CEO Kwang-Wu Kim is ready to return to campus with safety guidelines in place.

Dr. Kim on reopening campus: ‘We are in a good spot’

September 4, 2020

When he was not listening to the nine symphonies by composer Anton Bruckner or exercising, President and CEO Kwang-Wu Kim, along with cabinet and task force members, was working all summer to develop plans ...

South Loop businesses hope return of students can provide

South Loop businesses hope return of students can provide “major boost” in business amid pandemic

August 10, 2020

When the ice cream shop Kilwins closed in the spring due to the coronavirus pandemic, co-owner Jackie Jackson remained optimistic they would reopen in time for the summer months. Jackson, who co-runs t...

Sam Kirk, a 2005 Columbia alumna, first had this mural exhibited as a part of a Pride installation in New York.

Columbia alumna displays vibrant multi-racial LGBTQ+ murals

June 30, 2020

A Black woman with pink, curly hair stands powerfully behind the backdrop of the transgender Pride flag, reminding Chicagoans that authentic queer representation includes Black, Indigenous and peopl...

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