Iconic fictional witches


Iconic fictional witches

By Managing Editor

They’re spooky, they’re beautiful, and they’re powerful as hell. Witches show up in history books, present-day covens and Halloween decorations, but the best witches are depicted in TV shows and movies. Below is a list of the best fictional witches, whom I hope to see in costume form this Halloween.


Sabrina Spellman

“Sabrina, the Teenage Witch”

Played by Melissa Joan Hart

Sabrina was the icon of an entire generation. As a half-witch living in the mortal world, going to high school and then college, she was an outsider but was able to overcome the many hurdles in her path. She even rode off into the sunset with Harvey, her high school sweetheart.


Hermione Granger

“Harry Potter” franchise

Played by Emma Watson

Though she is not the main protagonist of the “Harry Potter” books or movies, Granger is inarguably the only reason Potter survives throughout the series. Called “the brightest witch of your age” by both Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, Granger is a role model to girls everywhere.


Wendy Beauchamp

“Witches of East End”

Played by Mädchen Amick

Wendy is the younger, trouble-making sister of Beauchamp family matriarch Joanna. The sisters were cursed by their evil father, and Wendy was given the power to transform into a cat with nine lives. After Wendy’s father kills her boyfriend, she gives him her last life, bringing him back while sacrificing herself.


Mary Sibley


Played by Janet Montgomery

In a spin on the historical Salem Witch Trials, Sibley is a puritan who performs a sacrifice to become a witch. She uses her power to marry the leader of the town—a rich, powerful and cruel man—and takes over running Salem after using a spell to turn him into an invalid. Sibley is underestimated by the leading men in Salem, but she doesn’t let that hold her or her aspirations back.


Sarah Bailey

“The Craft”

Played by Robin Tunney

Pushed into embracing witchcraft by a group of girls at her new school, Bailey eventually becomes the most powerful one. When her friends start using their powers for revenge and hurting other people, Bailey steps in to take their powers away, showing that she understands the limits of what she can and should do with her powers.


Winifred Sanderson

“Hocus Pocus”

Played by Bette Midler

As the antagonist in the best Halloween movie of all time, Winnie is the leader of the Sanderson Sisters coven whose life goal is to become immortal by draining the life force of children. Whether it’s the 17th century or 1993, Winnie is a strong woman and leader who can rock a party with her rendition of “I Put a Spell on You.” She may fight with her sisters, but at the end of the day, they are still family.