Judy Biggert campaign update, 11th District

By The Columbia Chronicle

With polling places having closed at 7 p.m. CST, the 11th district congressional race between Democrat Bill Foster and Republican Judy Biggert is predicted by some to be the closest congressional race in Illinois.

The 11th district has been remapped in 2010 to include DuPage, Kane, Will and Kendal counties. After the remapping, the district, which now includes Aurora and Joliet, is rumored to favor Foster.

Biggert is battling the redistricting, and a win it will be seen as a major coup by her Republican counterparts.

Following the Citizens United decision to allow corporate campaign contributions, Republicans sought to counter Springfield’s move to favor Foster by funding attack ads against him.

According to a report from OpenSecrets.org, Biggert has received $1.2 million from PAC contributors such as The New Prosperity Foundation, while Foster has garnered his donations from private investment, relying on his scientific background to gain support from Fermilab and Exelon.

Foster, who temporarily opposed same-sex marriage two years ago, said he supported marriage equality and has “evolved.”

He voted in favor of health insurance reform to ensure preexisting conditions. Foster voted in favor of the Dream Act, which allows immigrants more avenues to attain citizenship.

In an Oct. 24 debate, Biggert was pressed on the issue of same-sex marriage. She danced around the question and later said she was “close on making a decision” and “America is moving quickly towards that realm.”

According to her website, she is seeking to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act and is seeking to reform the Medicare process to include a voucher system for seniors to receive care.

Biggert voted against the Dream Act, saying in a press release that it would allow people to gain citizenship too easily. She is also in favor of tax breaks for high income Americans, saying that the cuts would allow for a filter down affect to increase job growth and security.

As of 9:15 p.m. Foster leads with 83,494 votes to Biggert’s 59,563.