Chronicle Headlines: CFAC’s Steering Committee looks ahead

By Blaise Mesa, Executive Producer

In December, more than half of part-time faculty union members who voted reelected the incumbent slate after a contentious election.

The re-elected slate, Standing United, includes: President Diana Vallera, an adjunct faculty member in the Photography Department; Vice President Andrea J. Dymond, an adjunct faculty member in the Theatre Department; Secretary Lisa Formosa-Parmigiano, an adjunct faculty member in the Cinema and Television Arts Department; and Treasurer Susan Van Veen, an adjunct faculty member in the Business and Entrepreneurship Department.

With their reelection secured, the Steering Committee spoke with Chronicle Headlines about their upcoming term:

CHRONICLE HEADLINES: What do you plan to do during your next term?

VALLERA: Anytime you get a new contract, it’s only as good as you can enforce it. This next year, one of the things is making sure the contract is enforced properly. That means educating our reps [and] our members.

Why should students and non-union members care about the election results?

DYMOND: If you pay attention to what we have been fighting for all the time, we will continue to fight … [for] the accessibility to the opportunity for education, hopefully looking at how to keep the cost of education from skyrocketing, but also, once you’re there, that you are getting the education that you paid for.

For the rest of the interview — and coverage of legal cannabis on campus and in Illinois — listen to the Feb. 5 episode of “Chronicle Headlines.”