Foster wins over Biggert

By Ivana Hester

Screams and shouts fill the room as Bill Foster takes the stage after his 11th District victory over Judy Biggert, who has served as a member of Congress since 1999.

It was a close race, with Foster taking an immediate lead. It has become clear that the district’s democratic bend worked out in Foster’s favor.

Foster’s liberal platform, which includes a pro-choice platform and support for marriage equality, won the favor of the middle class. His campaign boasted of an improved economy and more jobs in Illinois.

Supporters weighed in on Foster and how he is not only beneficial to Illinois, but to the United States.

James Foster, Bill Foster’s nephew said he has faith in his uncle.

“Having him in Congress, I honestly think [it] will lead to some smarter and bipartisan decisions in Congress,” James Foster said.

Jerry Fialek, who campaigned for Bill Foster, said he knocked on over 600 doors through the course of the campaign.

Fialek said voters seemed very focused on Fosters’ message and wanted to see a change from the incumbent.

“They found Bill’s message a lot stronger than Biggert’s arguments in the past,” he said.

Guy Brownson, another Bill Foster supporter, said he supports Foster because of his support of the working class, and feels that another year of Biggert would be two more years of the “same stuff.”

“In a debate, she could not answer a question without flipping through a binder and finding the answer,” Brownson said. “She does not portray what she feels.”

Bill Foster and all his supporters consider this win, “a victory for the middle class.”

When Foster took the stage, he thanked everyone for their support and as well as his opponent for her work in public service during her time in office. He talked about his plans for the future, which include ending the debate on the Affordable Care Act.

“I look forward to working hard for all of you and all of the citizens of the new Illinois 11th District,” Foster said. “This election was an important decision for this district and our country.”