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Diversity Statistics

Educating ‘the other’ at Columbia

May 12, 2014

Marcus Martin, former president of the Black Film Society and senior Cinema Art + Science major, spoke in a student-produced documentary to express his frustration with Columbia’s lack of diversity in its faculty. The Black Film Society, a student organization that hosts critical d...

Rising temperatures and sea levels could cause major setbacks to the wine industry

Wine industry can’t take heat

May 12, 2014

Climate change is reportedly depleting the nation’s coastlines, but land is not the only thing affected —the wine industry is also baking in the sun.Rising global temperatures are expected to have n...

Biggert admits defeat

By The Columbia Chronicle

November 7, 2012

After conceding defeat in the 11th Congressional District, Judy Biggert admitted defeat to Bill Foster after a hard-fought campaign that saw hundreds of millions of dollars in negative attack ads and super PAC contributions.According to Illinois Sen. Kurt Dillard, Biggert ran one of the classiest campaigns in Illinois history."Sometimes the map wins," Dillard said. “We can be immensely proud of our friend and congresswoman. I have seen ...

Foster wins over Biggert

By Ivana Hester

November 6, 2012

Screams and shouts fill the room as Bill Foster takes the stage after his 11th District victory over Judy Biggert, who has served as a member of Congress since 1999.It was a close race, with Foster taking an immediate lead. It has become clear that the district's democratic bend worked out in Foster's favor.Foster's liberal platform, which includes a pro-choice platform and support for marriage equality, won the favor of the ...

Update from Bill Foster campaign, 11th District

By Ivana Hester

November 6, 2012

District 11 has been redrawn, making this year’s race between Republican candidate Judy Biggert and Democratic candidate Bill Foster is a tight one.This win would mark Fosters return to Congress, and as he was an Illinois representative for the 14th Congressional District from March 2008 to January 2011 when he lost to Randy Hultgren.Foster stands firm on issues such as improving the economy, creating jobs and increasin...

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