Renegades host competition for new logo

By Lindsey Woods

Columbia sports are getting a makeover, courtesy of Columbia students.

The Renegades have offered the student body a chance to submit the best redesign of the old logo, which has been used since the creation of the organization in 2006, according to Kevin Hartmann, president of the Renegades.

“We’ve been wanting a new logo for a while now,” said Abby Cress, vice president of the Renegades. “The old one is really outdated, and we don’t feel like it represents the Renegades.”

The contest, open from Nov. 18–Nov. 23, requires that students use the Renegades name, but has no other stipulations. Forrest Frazier, secretary of the Renegades, said designs should aim to capture the spirit of Columbia through creative interpretation.

“We’re looking for the students to use their imaginations to the max,” Frazier said. “There are no guidelines for what it should be or how it should look. It’s all up to your imagination.”

Frazier also said he would like to see submissions that define some kind of mascot, because the Renegades are currently without one. Incorporating colors from Columbia’s “color palette” is also encouraged.

“We’re hoping to get something that reflects what a Columbia mascot would be,” Frazier said. “At the Wise-Ass Comedy Show [Night], someone said as a joke that we were the rainbow trouts. That would fit, though, because it’s weird and it has a rainbow, and that’s Columbia.”

The old logo was made from clip art, according to Cress. It includes a shield and a star, and the Renegades name in bold lettering. The old design has been unpopular around the Renegades’ office for some time now, Cress said, and there have been talks for two years regarding a redesign. Hartmann said the redesign finally took top priority this year because of the Renegades’ push for campus recognition.

“I’ve been pushing [for] it ever since I got on the board two years ago,” Hartmann said. “It got to the point [of] focusing on a marketing and branding campaign.”

Frazier added that the group hopes the new logo will inspire people to join sports teams at Columbia, and help the Renegades to grow its student base.

“We need to revamp the logo if we plan to get the sports programs where we want them to go,” Frazier said. “You need something better. You want something that represents a whole sports team.”

In addition to posting the contest information on its Facebook page, the Renegades have reached out to campus organizations, such as the Anime Club and the Sports Marketing and Management clubs, asking them to participate in the redesign contest. So far, the response hasn’t yielded much tangible art, according to Cress.

“We’ve gotten a few submissions,” she said. “We’re going to give it a week or so to look over all of them.”

The winner will be chosen during the Renegades captains’ meeting on Dec. 1, where Cress, Frazier, Hartmann and all other team captains will review the submissions and vote on their favorite, according to Cress. If the Renegades can’t decide, it will be decided by a Facebook “like-off,” where the design that gets the most “likes” will be the winner.

The winner will also receive a $100 gift card to Target.

“With Christmas coming around, I’m sure college students could use [the $100],” Frazier said.