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NFL must turn over nonprofit status

March 31, 2014

The NFL is one of the most widely recognized and profitable organizations in the U.S., yet its league office is exempt from paying federal income taxes. As an organization without a charitable purpose, allowing any of its functions, no matter how small, to slip under the radar of the Internal Revenue Service is a gross abuse of the benefits of nonprofit status.The NFL is a 501(c)(6) organization, the source of its exemption, but...

Ride-sharing un-fare to licensed cabbies

By Managing Editor

February 10, 2014

I’ve always been too nervous to use ride-share services like Lyft or uberX. Imagining someone in sweatpants chauffeuring me across town in the passenger seat of their 1997 Dodge Neon gives me anxiety—the thought of engaging in inevitable small talk alone makes my palms sweat. In most situations, calling up one of these services for a ride from an average Joe is less expensive than shelling out the regular fare for a tax...

Brush strokes of genius: An interview with MUA Siân Richards

By Sophia Coleman

January 16, 2013

Not many people are born directly into their career, but such is the case with Siân Richards, a film makeup artist whose work can be seen in upcoming comedy “Movie 43” and Golden Globe nominated “Cloud Atlas.”Richards was born in England 1968 when her father, Hu Richards, worked as a makeup artist for “2001: A Space Odyssey.” She said her father was told his wife was in labor while on set and he immediately l...

Reintroducing Student Government Association

By Alexandra Kukulka

November 26, 2012

Columbia has had a Student Government Association for more than a decade, but the organization, along with many other campus groups, struggles to grab students’ attention. However, it’s still pushing to be a voice for the student body, according to SGA President Cassandra Norris.Norris, a senior journalism major, said she believes that approximately 40 percent of the campus doesn’t know the organization exists, and many of ...

Obama delivers acceptance speech

By Kaley Fowler

November 7, 2012

Just as the crowd began to relax after hours of celebrating President Barack Obama's re-election, the lights in McCormick Place, 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive, dimmed, and a short film about Obama's personal struggles, political ideology and family values began. The audience cheered consistently from scene to scene and instantly exhibited a surge of enthusiasm once the film was replaced by upbeat songs, once again taking to si...

Rutherford speaks after Obama projected to win

By Hallie Zolkower-Kutz

November 6, 2012

Dan Rutherford spoke to the crowd gathered at The Wit hotel, 201 N. State St. shortly after President Barack Obama was projected to win Ohio.“It’s not over until it’s over, but I think we all know what is going to happen here,” Rutherford said.He praised the efforts of Romney supporters and thanked the attendees for helping “keep a good two-party system in the state of Illinois.”He also acknowledged the import...

Cheer team to perform at Manifest

By Lindsey Woods

April 23, 2012

Music and dance are not new to Manifest, but the Renegades cheerleading squad will combine the two with traditional cheer-style tumbling to bring additional spirit to this year’s campuswide celebration on May 4.This is the first year the Renegades squad will perform at Manifest. Its routine will kick off at 2 p.m. on the stage located in the Nexus Lot at the corner of South Wabash and East Balbo avenues.“We have stunts ...

Renegades host first athletic film festival

By Lindsey Woods

March 19, 2012

Some think of sports as art and of athletes as artists, with their bodies as the paintbrush and the field as their canvas. But combining more traditional models of art and athletic style is never an easy feat. The Columbia Renegades are always looking to do just that, and their latest endeavor aims to showcase sports on the big screen.The Renegades are currently accepting submissions for their first Athletic Film Festival, inspired b...

Women’s lacrosse gets second chance

By Lindsey Woods

March 5, 2012

One Columbia freshman has more than lint in her pocket. She also cradles the remnants of a failed endeavor and the drive and hope for a more successful enterprise.That pocket, of course, being the one in her lacrosse stick.Sarah Kotnik, freshman double major in marketing communication and American sign language, has the ball rolling on restarting a women’s lacrosse team with the Renegades. Although the athletics departm...

Sports in the springtime

By Lindsey Woods

December 12, 2011

The end of a sports season usually means excitement and big competition, such as bowl games, play-offs and fierce competition. For the Renegades, the end of the semester has a more subtle culmination. There will be no “big game,” but the Renegades are planning some game-changers for the upcoming spring season.It has been a busy semester for the Renegades, with the addition of women’s basketball, men’s basketball, ...

Renegades host competition for new logo

By Lindsey Woods

November 28, 2011

Columbia sports are getting a makeover, courtesy of Columbia students.The Renegades have offered the student body a chance to submit the best redesign of the old logo, which has been used since the creation of the organization in 2006, according to Kevin Hartmann, president of the Renegades.“We’ve been wanting a new logo for a while now,” said Abby Cress, vice president of the Renegades. “The old one is really out...

Another shot for men’s basketball

By Lindsey Woods

November 14, 2011

Men’s basketball teams at Columbia have a history of fouling out and collapsing after problems like transportation arise. But one Columbia freshman is determined to revive the historically tumultuous program.Brian Byrd, music major and co-captain of the basketball team, is shooting for a Renegades men’s basketball team to start this semester and is optimistic about the interest thus far.“I’ve seen the passion in a lot ...

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