Doctor P performs at Lollapalooza

By Lindsey Woods

While Olympic athletes in London are pushing their bodies to the limit, Shaun Brockhurst, aka Doctor P, was pressing the boundaries of dubstep on stage at Lollapalooza on Aug. 5, far away from England, his home country.

The Perry’s stage at the three-day festival was one stop on Doctor P’s international tour, which started Aug. 2 and includes performances at ID Festival and other fests and venues across the globe. The tour coincides with the release of his new single, “Galaxies & Stars,” featuring reggae diva Ce’cile. Although Doctor P hasn’t set an exact release date for the track, a short preview of the song was recently featured on BBC Radio.

On top of touring and dropping bass at Lollapalooza, Doctor P is also co-founder of Circus Records, where he produces music with other deejays like Flux Pavillion, DJ Swan-E and Earl Falconer. Hot off his Lolla performance, the dubstep doctor sat down with The Chronicle to talk about his latest track, the tour and Jack White.

The Chronicle: How’d your set go?

Doctor P: Good, I enjoyed it. It was the biggest I’ve ever done. You never know what it’s going to be like, but obviously it was good.

How do you like Chicago?

It’s definitely one of my favorite U.S. cities. It’s a relaxed atmosphere.

Be honest, is it better playing in America or in England?

I don’t want to say one is definitely better, but I like America.

Tell me a little bit about “Galaxies and Stars.” How would you describe it?

It’s like dance. Futuristic Dance. I was trying to do something that’s never been done. That was my goal with that track.

Do you think you accomplished that?

Yeah, I think so. It’s a fusion of about 50 different styles all mashed into one.

How would you describe your style?

Noisy and fun.

Are there any artists that you’ve been dying to work with that you haven’t had a chance to yet?

I’ve been talking with loads of people, but none of us have ever got time. I really want to do a track with Skrillex. We’ve been talking about that for like two years or something but have never gotten around to doing it.

Do you think it’s ever going to happen?

Yeah, one day. But everyone is always so busy, it never ends up happening.

Have you seen any other acts at Lollapalooza yet?

We literally arrived, and I went straight up on stage. We’re around here for the night, though, and I want to check out a couple of people.

Like who?

Jack White will be good. Mainly him. I’ve never seen him anywhere so that will be cool.

So which do you like better, producing or DJing?

Being a producer is what I set out to do. I actually never expected to get any DJ work in my life. I expected to be sitting in my studio at home making tracks, maybe getting people to hear them, but probably not. I never thought I’d be flying around the world. And it’s good now that I’m doing it.

Was there a moment you realized you had made it as a DJ?

I think when I played Ministry of Sound in London. Growing up, Ministry of Sound was like this big thing. It was a global brand. And when I played there, I never ever thought in a million years I’d be playing Ministry of Sound. It’s not even a big club, but when I was stepping up there, playing the tracks that I was making in my bedroom, it was like, “I’ve definitely gotten somewhere now.”