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Q&A: Aaron Aye's rise through timeless R&B

Q&A: Aaron Aye’s rise through timeless R&B

August 8, 2019

Rising hip-hop and R&B artist Aaron Aye writes and performs with one goal in mind: giving people timeless music. The Minneapolis-based artist has released two singles since his 2018 album “O...

Fans climb the Lollapalooza balloon stand to get a better view of the performers.

Lollapalooza 2019: what you missed

August 6, 2019

After four days of headline performances, local food vendors and festival fashion trends, Chicago’s Grant Park wrapped up another year of Lollapalooza, and it was one for the books. Here are the...

After recently releasing a number of EPs this year, Alexander took the stage at Lollapalooza for the first time last Thursday.

3 first-time performers’ journey to the Lollapalooza stage

August 5, 2019

With nearly 200 performances from musicians and artists worldwide, Chicago’s Lollapalooza boasted a diverse set of performers, all of which had their own journey to one of the festival's eight sta...

According to the Lollapalooza website, ticket prices can range from $138 one-day general admission to $4,326 four-day platinum admission.

Is Lollapalooza really worth the ticket price? Festival-goers weigh in.

August 4, 2019

When the price of ticket admission, accommodations and food are added up, attending Lollapalooza requires a large chunk of money—some say too much. According to the Lollapalooza website, ticket pr...

Through partnerships with organizations including Rock the Earth and the Love Hope Strength Foundation, Lollapalooza is taking on green initiatives.

Lollapalooza increases green initiatives

August 2, 2019

Empty beer cups, water bottles, paper plates and napkins are some of the many pieces of trash found on the Lollapalooza grounds. With more than 100,000 people expected to be in attendance at the fe...

Seven things to know before Lollapalooza this weekend

Seven things to know before Lollapalooza this weekend

July 29, 2019

As one of Chicago's largest music festivals approaches, a number of features beyond the music will be available to attendees. Here are the top seven things people should know before attending Lollapaloo...

Post Animal brings psychedelic-rock to modern age

Post Animal has created their own twist on modern psychedelic rock, portrayed in their debut album When I Think of You in a Castle. 

By Olivia Deloian

September 16, 2018

Chicago-based band Post Animal has left its mark on the local music scene with its unique take on modern psychedelic rock. The band's debut album When I Think of You in a Castle was released April 20, bring...

Professor selected vice president of American Humor Association

Professor selected vice president of American Humor Association

September 10, 2018

Humanities, History and Social Sciences Department Associate Professor Teresa Prados-Torreira brings scholarly humor into the classroom with her new position as vice president of the American Humor Studies Association. AHSA is an organization dedicated to the study of American...

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