‘Star Wars’ universe and Shakespeare collide in ‘MacSith’

By Katlyn Tolly

E.D.G.E. theatre company is presenting “MacSith,” a play based on Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” with a sci-fi galaxy twist that will have any Shakespeare or Star Wars fanatic on the edge of his or her seat, from April 30–May 24. 

The play takes place on the planet of Cumber after the Civil War. The main character, Mon Beth, plans to become king. However, he is stopped in his tracks after he becomes wary of his wife’s uncontrollable lust for power. The audience will follow Beth’s journey as he tries to take the throne despite the risks. 

Adapted by Orion Couling and Jared McDaris, “MacSith” is showing at the Theatre Momentum’s Pendulum Space, 1803 W. Byron St. The show is a mash-up of two classic stories and runs 70 minutes, featuring nearly 40 actors, according to a March 11 E.D.G.E. theater press release.  

Couling, director of “MacSith” and founder of E.D.G.E., said “MacSith’s” proceeds will support the local martial arts and theater communities. He said his company specifically works with special-needs children and children in the homeschooling community, adding that “MacSith” will raise money to create more programs for bringing theater and community outreach to underprivileged children.

“It would be cool if the audience walked away knowing that not only were they highly entertained, but that the money used for our show will be invested into the community,” Couling said. 

E.D.G.E. Theater’s acronym stands for “Esteem Development through Greater Expectations.” E.D.G.E. strives for education using the performing arts as a tool to establish an in-depth understanding of theater, social skills, history and stage combat. E.D.G.E. offers classes and workshops in its theater department that promote a message of nonviolent behavior and social change through the exploration of the performing arts, according to the company’s website. 

Couling said he hopes viewers will learn more about Shakespeare through “MacSith” in a way that is thrilling yet understandable to a younger audience and inspires them to read the playwright’s work.  

“Kids in the show now read more Shakespeare than adults,” Couling said. “I’ve also had people that go out of their way to read more Shakespeare to get familiarized with it before they come [to rehearsal]. That’s such a winning situation for me as an educator.”

John Mobley, actor and a 2012 Columbia alumnus, said this is his second year performing “MacSith.” He said he had a great experience in the past and was thrilled to partake in this year’s show. Mobley said he hopes many people will attend a performance to better understand Shakespeare’s literature. 

“I am hoping a lot of kids come and see this,” Mobley said. “The kids are more likely going to be ‘Star Wars’ fans. If they hear the language and understand it, maybe they will get drawn into taking a look at Shakespeare themselves.”

Miquela Cruz, the actress playing The Master, said she believes people may think the play is a comedy or mockery of both shows, but she said their assumptions could not be farther from the truth. She said she hopes people will leave the performance having learned about Shakespeare. 

“I’ve been doing professional work with E.D.G.E. and I love this show,” Cruz said. “Expect to see a lot of good work on stage.” 

Performances of “MacSith” are scheduled Thursdays through Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m. Tickets are $15–18 and may be purchased at EdgeofOrion.com.