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Columbia's upcoming Artivism Black Lives Matter exhibit will highlight the Black Lives Matter Movement with a crossover of art and activism.

Upcoming ‘artivism’ exhibit to deliver strong, timely statement from Columbia

September 17, 2020

Tandrea Hawkins, known professionally “T-Star Verse," said her recent music has mostly revolved around activism. Typically, Hawkins, a junior music business major, creates and performs upbeat, fu...

Chicago artists, scientists join forces to craft conversation on climate change

Chicago artists, scientists join forces to craft conversation on climate change

September 11, 2020

Seven artists and seven scientists walk into the Indiana Dunes National Park. But it is not a punchline; it is the basis of a new gallery at Columbia that visualizes the impacts of the climate cri...

Artists depict the universal female experience at ‘Suffra-Jetting’ exhibit

Artists depict the universal female experience at ‘Suffra-Jetting’ exhibit

March 8, 2020

Sitting in front of her camera with her hair uncovered and wearing her late mother’s nightgown, Verneda Lights flashed a furious expression as she captured a self-portrait. Lights later modified the...

Harry Foster’s exhibit also featured work from grafitti artist Gollum and musical performances from artists such as WemmyMo and RayMundo Lakino.

Life viewed through windows at ‘Harry’s Gallery’

March 1, 2020

Since coming to Columbia, Harry Foster has always wanted to host an exhibit to show a cohesive body of work. While shooting cityscapes and street photography, he noticed a recurring theme: windows. ...

Upcoming exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Photography turns the lens on democracy

Upcoming exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Photography turns the lens on democracy

February 28, 2020

The desolate site of the Unabomber’s Montana cabin, a 1950s woman dressed up for a civil rights event and the ghostlike shell of a once-segregated school are just a few of the images Art and Art H...

The contradictions of Warhol: more than pop and color

January 22, 2020

A vibrant painting of Marilyn Monroe, a red and green painting of an electric chair and a floor-to-ceiling painting of Mao Tse Tung––these are only a few pieces from Andy Warhol’s collection...

Group of students from Morgan Park Academy spend day at Forced From Home Exhibit on Sep. 23.

‘Forced From Home’ exhibit highlights refugee experience

October 5, 2018

Members of Doctors Without Borders hosted an exhibit at the Richard J. Daley Center to show the growing struggles of displaced people by allowing them to experience the journey through virtual reality an...

Shedd Aquarium splashes art across Chicago

By Katherine Savage

September 24, 2018

The Shedd Aquarium is inviting visitors to explore various exotic aquatic species in a unique exhibit, “Underwater Beauty,” which features 100 species and more than 1,000 animals.“Underwater Beauty,” which opened May 25, focuses not on types of creatures, but rather on colors, patterns and rhythms or movements of the animals, said Johnny Ford, manager of Communication and Public Relations at the Shedd Aquarium.“‘Unde...

Faculty explores color in new exhibit

Faculty explores color in new exhibit

March 8, 2018

Visitors to an upcoming exhibit by local artist and Columbia professor Anna Kunz will see large, dynamic paintings with vibrant, inviting colors. The art show, “Anna Kunz: Color Cast,” ...

Strangers practice the Tavistock method of social interaction and observation in Leigh Ledare’s film “The Task” showing at the Art Institute of Chicago, 111 S. Michigan Ave., Sept. 9–Dec. 31.

Art Institute ‘Plots’ new exhibit

September 5, 2017

Thirty individuals sat in a circle in an empty room as a camera filmed, creating a social ecosystem that captured power structures and the complex patterns of stereotyping and identity.That’s one compo...

Washington, DC - May 03, 2016: Linda Holmes CREDIT: Matt Roth

NPR’s ‘Pop Culture’ podcast slated to debut Chicago live performance

April 10, 2017

NPR is unleashing the gurus of pop culture from its “Pop Culture Happy Hour” podcast to Chicago to discuss the books, music, movies and TV shows that have everyone laughing, tweeting or scowling a...

Snapshots depict climate change effects in MSI exhibit

Photographer James Balog captured the melting glaciers around the world in locations including the Mt. Kilimanjaro ice field in Tanzania and the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. 

By Molly Walsh

April 7, 2017

American photographer James Balog raises awareness of the immediacy of climate change with “Extreme Ice,” an exhibit of time-lapse videography and large-scale high-resolution photo prints at the Mus...

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