Taylor Swift takes on New York in hit new song

By Managing Editor

Taylor Swift’s latest album release has elicited excitement from fans new and old, but some are questioning what might be going on behind the scenes in terms of her marketing tactics.

Swift’s bubbly new album, 1989, dropped on Oct. 27 and was expected to sell 1 million copies in its first week—just like the pop singer’s two previous albums—according to a same-day New York Times report.

Despite the lack of support from former country music fans of Swift’s, many critics have speculated that the pop star’s fifth album would still garner the success of other recently released albums because of its ultra-pop aesthetic on songs like “Shake it Off” and “Welcome to New York.”

As was announced Oct. 27 on “Good Morning America,” Swift has been dubbed a global New York ambassador for tourism by NYC & Company after “Welcome to New York,” the first track on 1989, was released, according to an Oct. 27 report from The Hollywood Reporter.

However, some critics—presumably many native New Yorkers—have called her new song offensive, unrealistic and even transparent. 

Having been born in Pennsylvania and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, the new Manhattan resident is hardly an acceptable candidate to represent the city in any way.

Speaking as someone who has never been to New York, “Welcome to New York” seems to portray a very one-sided perspective of the city—all Prada and penthouses and Times Square.

The song is all glitz and glamour, and it fails to acknowledge the city has five boroughs and that residents of its various neighborhoods live different lifestyles. 

To her credit, Swift did address her lack of  experience as a New Yorker during her Oct. 27 appearance on “Good Morning America.”

“I’m still learning, but I’m so enthusiastic about this city that when I love something, I’m very vocal about it,” Swift told Robin Roberts. “New York was a huge landscape for what became this album. It’s affected my life in ways I’m not even aware of fully.”

Although Swift may have genuinely fallen in love with the New York, she has only recently come to realize that liking something and feigning expertise on it are two very different things.

Serving as an ambassador for a city after just recently becoming a resident of it is obnoxious and it feels like a ploy to reel in extra cash with a hit song that celebrates the state.

However, it seems Swift caught on to the negative perceptions of her new title.

Despite how annoying it may be to watch her revel in her newfound status as a Manhattan resident, Swift announced during an Oct. 29 appearance on “The View” that she will be donating all proceeds from the song to New York City public schools, a smart attempt to save her reputation and radiant halo as the music industry’s current pop princess. 

“The fans were wonderful enough to make it No. 1 on iTunes, and it is selling really, really well,” Swift said on “The View.”