Athlete Profile: Anna Martin

By Kyle Rich

Anna Martin, senior guard for the DePaul Blue Demons women’s basketball team, was nominated Oct. 18 for the 2012-–2013 Preseason Big East Player of the Year award. This year marks her final season with the Blue Demons, and she will try to help her team make it far into

the postseason.

When she attended Lexington Christian Academy high school in Kentucky, she led her team to three state championships. Coming off a recent ankle injury earlier this year, she is ready to fill her role as one of the team’s

top scorers.

The Chronicle caught up with Martin to talk about her pregame rituals, her favorite professional teams and what she hopes to accomplish this year.

The Chronicle: What does the upcoming season look like?

Anna Martin: I’m really excited about it. Last year, we weren’t very strong in numbers, so this year we are healthier. We were able to gain a lot of experience from last year, and I think it’s going to be a really good season.

How did you hurt your ankle and when do you think you will return?

My ankle is doing well, a lot better than expected. I should be ready to go by the first game. [It happened] during practice when I was driving, and I just happened to sprain it.

Who are your favorite guards in the NBA or WNBA?

I actually love Dwayne Wade [of the Miami Heat]. I really like the way he plays. And in the WNBA, I would probably say Seimone Augustus [of the Minnesota Lynx]. I really like her game.

Any favorite pro teams?

In the NBA, I used to be a huge fan of the Detroit Pistons because I loved Tayshaun Prince. But now I would probably say I’m a Miami Heat fan.

That might not be too popular in Chicago.

I know, I know. I do love the Bulls though. Really, I’m just a fan of good basketball. Being from Lexington, I never grew up with an NBA team.

Do you or the team have any pregame rituals?

We normally have our own little rituals. Mine is nothing too fancy. I have to take a 42-minute nap. It’s just always been that way and if I wake up before [hand] I get really mad and it just throws me off. I always have to shower and have a pregame meal.

What’s your pregame meal?

It’s always the same thing. Normally a salad and some pasta. [We keep it] pretty light, and I try not to eat too much.

What is your sports drink of choice?

I always go with the yellow Gatorade. I have to drink it during the pregame and another one before I come over for the game. That’s definitely a ritual.

Is there anything you want to accomplish this year that you haven’t been able to in previous years?

I would like to go to the Final Four and be an All-American. That’s about it.

What is one of your fondest moments with the Blue Demons team?

Probably my sophomore year. We were undefeated on our home court and going to the Sweet 16. That team was unbelievably close on and off the court. We had five seniors as well, and it was just

really fun.