Report: Joe Walsh, 8th District

By Contributing Writer

Angelica Sanchez, Contributing Writer

Hours away from the results of congressional elections 8th district in Illinois, college students and parents wonder which candidate will have a greater influence in Congress on the issues of rising student loan debt, education reform and scholarship funds.

Republican incumbent Joe Walsh is expected to arrive soon with his wife and children at his election rally at the Medinah Shrine Center in Addison, Ill.

Walsh disagrees that the federal government should play a large role in education funding and that it shouldn’t be involved in decisions regarding classroom curriculum. He supports reform, but believes state government should lead it.

On the issue of education and debt, Walsh has voted, against extending student loan rate interest.

He has yet to make a big push or endorse specific grants and scholarships to help college students pay their tuition.

His opponent Tammy Duckworth has made it very clear that if elected she will push to extend Pell Grants, as which she said were the only means by which she could attend college.