CTA starts Red Line North renovations, temporarily closes some stations

By Lindsey Woods

Chicago Transit Authority Red Line riders will have to allow for a couple extra commuting minutes, as several Red Line stations will be closing temporarily starting June 1. The closures come as the CTA starts its $86 million project aimed at improving some of the older Red Line stations, according to a press release.

The station rehabilitations are a part of the CTA’s Red Line Capital Investments initiative, announced last year, according to the press release. The Jarvis, Morse, Granville, Thorndale, Berwyn, Argyle and Lawrence stations will all be closed for renovations in the coming months. No station will be closed for more than six weeks. According to the CTA website, the work will include viaduct repairs, platform repairs and replacements, waterproofing, lighting improvements and station house finishes.

For more information on closures and for alternate routes, go to TransitChicago.com/RedNorth. Below is a list of estimated station closing dates.

Granville: June 1

Morse: June 29

Thorndale: Aug. 17

Argyle: Aug. 24

Berwyn: Oct. 5

Lawrence: Oct. 14

Jarvis: Nov. 9