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Editorial: Recognition features show Google’s true face

Editorial: Recognition features show Google’s true face

October 27, 2019

Facial recognition as a way to access smart technology is not necessarily a new feature, but it is a flawed one. On Oct. 15, Google released its newest phone, the Pixel 4, which included, among other fe...

Corporations struggle to do what health-care system won’t

By Editorial Board

March 12, 2018

Uber launched Uber Health on March 1, a new form of non-emergency medical transportation.The new service allows patients to schedule rides to and from medical appointments hours before or up to 30 days in advance. Providers who order the rides do so through an online dashboard, and patients receive a text message or phone call for information about their trip, making rides accessible to those without  smartphones.Lyft Conci...

Honoring Billy Graham dishonors those he marginalized

Honoring Billy Graham dishonors those he marginalized

By Miranda Manier

March 5, 2018

On Feb. 28, the late evangelical Rev. Billy Graham, who acted as a spiritual confidante for 12 presidents from Harry Truman to Barack Obama and was known as “America’s pastor,” became the fourth private ...

ServiceNow is currently working out of a temporary workspace in the Fulton Market, before moving to a permanent location. 

Windy City isn’t new Silicon Valley

March 5, 2018

Another West Coast tech company will soon move to Chicago. ServiceNow, a software company with nearly $2 billion in annual revenue, announced Feb. 23 that it would create a new technology Development Center in Fulto...

‘Hello World’: Chicago children learn coding

‘Hello World’: Chicago children learn coding

December 11, 2017

Coding, with all its lines and if/then statements, can be a challenge to any adult, but young children in Chicago and nationwide are learning to wrap their heads around computer languages.About 25 percen...

Facebook, Google must act after allowing ads promoting hate speech

By Editorial Board

September 25, 2017

On Sept. 14, ProPublica released a report stating Facebook’s ad-buying platform enabled advertisers to target users who used hate speech on their profiles. Only a day later, Buzzfeed News reported that Google also had shown a lack of foresight by allowing advertisers to use racist keywords, and its logarithms suggested even more bigoted words. These are only two in a string of controversies about ad-buying on the large soci...

Child neglect masked as pranks for YouTube fame

Grammy nominees show improvement in award diversity

By Ariana Portalatin

September 18, 2017

Michael Martin begins a video with three of his five children explaining a game he wants them to play called “Bottle Flip Slap,” which requires the kids to play against each other and take turns fli...

District 12 Cmdr. Ed Kulbida addressed recent shootings, one of which occurred the afternoon of Feb. 3 on Chicago Avenue, at a Feb. 6 community meeting.

West Town demands answers for surge in violent crimes

February 13, 2017

Leah Bindig was walking through the front door of her business, Aeslin Pup Hub, five minutes prior to shots being fired Feb. 3, outside 1810 W. Chicago Ave.  Had the bullet been 25 feet north, it would...

'Siri, do everything!' The future of the interconnected world

‘Siri, do everything!’ The future of the interconnected world

November 28, 2016

Like something out of “WALL-E,” smart gadgets and gizmos are poised to invade every aspect of life, leaving some fearful of a dystopian nightmare and others excited for an automated future. While n...

Student’s big idea creates Big Ideas Columbia

Senior public relations major Kathryn Walters, along with the Office of Student Communications, organized Big Ideas Columbia, an event for students to learn what it means to be successful during and after college.

By Senior Campus Reporter

February 23, 2015

The office of Student Communications is teaming up with senior public relations major Kathryn Walters to produce Big Ideas Columbia. Big Ideas Columbia will be held Feb. 26 from 4–6 p.m. at Film Row ...

'One century minus a baker's dozen:' Finding the forest for the trees in the translation of literature

‘One century minus a baker’s dozen:’ Finding the forest for the trees in the translation of literature

November 17, 2014

“Fourscore and seven years ago” is a phrase every American knows. Abraham Lincoln began his Gettysburg Address to a war-weary crowd of Pennsylvanians with those five words on a Thursday afternoon in Novembe...

Spotify royalty wars stunting industry progress

By Jacob Wittich Assistant Sports & Health Editor

October 27, 2014

October has been full of criticism for the music streaming service Spotify. A number of artists have spoken out against Spotify’s royalty rates, including Jimmy Buffett, who asked at the inaugural Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit Oct. 8 if Spotify would ever increase its royalties so artists could earn more revenue.The issue was compounded when the company’s recently introduced #thatsongwhen social media campaign—me...

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