Obama visits UIC

By Dannis Valera

With his first term in office nearing an end, President Barack Obama began his fight for re-election as he made his first campaign stop in his home city.

Long lines sprawled out of the University of Illinois at Chicago Forum, 725 W. Roosevelt Road, on Jan. 11, for a chance to hear the president speak about his plans and hopes for the future of the country.

But the president’s trip back home wasn’t filled with warm welcomes. While many Chicagoans were excited about Obama’s visit, he was also greeted by a large number of Occupy protestors.

Gathered from Occupy Chicago and UIC, they stood together outside of the building to voice their opposition toward the president’s recent signing of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012—a bill he signed into law on Dec. 31—and also continued their campaign against the Stop Online Piracy Act, both of which raise questions relating to American citizens’ constitutional rights.