Writing intensive credit no longer required to graduate

By Alexandra Yetter, News Editor

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The college announced May 17 that students will no longer be required to take a writing intensive course to graduate, an update approved by the Faculty Senate in March.

Students will no longer be required to take a writing intensive course to graduate, beginning in the Fall 2019 semester.

The change, proposed by the Office of the Provost, will still require students who plan to graduate in Summer 2019 to take a writing intensive course. The update was approved by the Faculty Senate during the Spring 2019 semester, as reported by The Chronicle March 19.

“Many Columbia students fulfill the Writing Intensive requirement simply by completing the requirements for their declared major or minor,” said Assistant Provost for Academic Services Brian Marth in a May 17 collegewide email.

The proposal was introduced to the Faculty Senate by Associate Chair in the Dance Department and Academic Affairs Committee member Paige Cunningham Caldarella, according to the March 19 article.

In the past, students have also been required to enroll in two 2000-level LAS courses, one global awareness course and one U.S. pluralism course in order to graduate. Moving forward, continuing students will be able to take six credits of global awareness, six credits of U.S. pluralism, or six total credits from courses in either category.

For new students entering in the Fall 2019 semester, the global awareness and U.S. pluralism requirements will be replaced by six credits of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion-designated courses.

Students are encouraged to follow the requirements pertaining to their catalog year and to consult with their assigned academic advisers if they have questions.