Trans Student Union aims to ‘empower’ students

By Blaise Mesa, Executive Producer

Mikey Emme, a junior music major, has always felt supported on campus. They said Columbia is upfront with accepting all students, staff and faculty, but was confused when there was no trans-specific place on campus. So Emme, co-chair of Trans Student Union, created the union last October to satisfy that need.

“TSU exists as a space to empower trans students and for trans students to find community with each other,” Emme said. “To me, it’s the perfect place to exist without having your existence questioned.”

While the topic of TSU’s weekly meetings varies, Emme said the gatherings focus on supporting trans students. For instance, during one meeting, TSU held a guided discussion on how to engage with family members who may not be supportive.

Charee Mosby-Holloway, director the of Student Diversity and Inclusion Office, said the group has “limitless potential.”

“Students have an opportunity to build a community, build connections [and] find places and people they can be authentic with,” she said.

TSU’s weekly meetings occur on Friday from 5-6:20 p.m. in the Student Diversity and Inclusion Office, 618 S. Michigan Ave.

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