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Jan-Henry Gray the Jan. 23 live events for Meanwhile held in the second floor of Delilahs in 2771 N Lincoln Ave.

New storytelling, zine-making series creates space for ‘play’

January 29, 2018

Chicago is home to many open-mic nights and slam poetry events, and performers nationwide flock to the city to take part. Last May, a new event arrived on the storytelling scene with a twist on the trad...

Levi Sherman, an interdisciplinary book & paper arts graduate student, is currently creating a series of books about Colombian coffee after traveling to the country for research in December.

Featured Artist: Levi Sherman

April 28, 2014

Levi Sherman, a graduate interdisciplinary book & paper arts student, is using his letterpress printing expertise to research, write and create a series of books about Colombian coffee culture. In addition to receiving Columbia’s Aiko Fellowship for his work, Sherman trav...

Despite gridlock, our problems are solvable

By Matt Watson

December 12, 2011

Looking back from this vantage point, 2011 was quite a year. Americans witnessed terrible, debilitating political theater at home, as well as revolutions in the Arab world, a tsunami in Japan, a financial Armageddon in Europe and the continued rise of China.Last year was all about us. The fight against the evil, over-intrusive federal government ushered in the Tea Party—a crowd of justifiably concerned citizens led by a...

How to: Get whiter teeth

By Contributing Writer

May 2, 2011

by: Hiba Abdillahi, Contributing WriterWhether you’re going on a first date or interviewing for an internship, having a white smile can give you the confidence boost you need.“Your teeth are naturally white, but it is the things you eat and how you take care of them that make them lose their color,” said Carol Sag, certified dental assistant at the RiverWalk Family Dental, in Naperville, Ill. With these five steps, you...

Print makes a comeback

By Brianna Wellen

October 18, 2010

In the prime of their creativity, before the Internet took hold, musicians, artists and writers put out zines—a precursor to the world of blogging. Independent publishers and bookstores thrived on these products until the young creators eventually acquired full-time jobs, got married, had kids and inevitably turned to new technological tools to put out their messages. Now two bookstores are joining forces and putting out a ...

Library finds new home above ground

By Luke Wilusz

March 8, 2010

A ragtag team of renegade librarians sits in a room on the second floor of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 621 W. Belmont Ave., discussing plans to bring people between their shelves to make as much noise as possible. Needless to say, this isn’t your typical library.Nell Taylor started the Chicago Underground Library in 2006 in the apartment she shared with her boyfriend. Since then, the library has been housed in four ...

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