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462 days before the 2020 election, young people are already fired up

462 days before the 2020 election, young people are already fired up

July 30, 2019

With many young voters incited by President Donald Trump’s political agenda and a diverse field of Democratic candidates, an increase in political engagement from young voters could impact the 2020...

Emeritus Faculty receive honor

By Alexandra Kukulka

April 22, 2012

When a people end their career, they usually want to be remembered for their accomplishments. For educators, the many lives they've touched is a continuing achievement. But being named emeritus, an honor given to a retired professor, is one of academia's greatest distinctions.This year, seven faculty members received the emeritus title: Dennis Brozynski and Dianne Erpenbach from the Fashion Department; Dan Dinello from the F...

Barriers as suicide prevention wouldn’t work at Columbia

By Editorial Board

April 8, 2012

Mental health is an important concern at any college or university. In the last decade, reaching out to troubled students has become even more pressing in the wake of recent campus shootings and a few well-publicized suicides across the nation. Even Columbia has had its fair share of less-publicized suicide scares, especially at residence halls. Some researchers are coming forward to advocate “means restriction,” a suicide...

ColumCollab brings ideas together

By Contributing Writer

December 5, 2011

by Chris LoeberContributing WriterIn media production, collaboration is as important as skill. For example, a musician who wants to shoot a music video might work with filmmakers but may first want audio engineers to record the music in a studio designed by acousticians and built by a general contractor on the dime of studio executives.Columbia educates 11,138 undergraduates in 19 different academic programs as of fall 2011, a...

Conservatives try to silence students

By Editorial Board

March 27, 2011

Republican legislators in several states, including New Hampshire, North Carolina and Wisconsin, are pushing for changes in local voting laws that would affect college students’ ability to cast their ballots on election day. A New Hampshire bill would limit student voting in college towns to those whose parents had previously established permanent residency there. Other proposals include ending same-day registration and requi...

Back at the ballot box again

By Heather McGraw

March 7, 2011

Young adults in Chicago have grown up with Mayor Richard M. Daley as a household name. But on Feb. 22, they finally had the chance to elect someone else.Preliminary voter turnout data in the recent municipal election suggests a larger youth vote than in previous years. However, precise demographic data is not yet available to confirm this.Jim Allen, spokesman for the Chicago board of elections commissioners, said specific demogr...

Some young voters choose not to cast their ballots

By Eleanor Blick

October 31, 2010

As Election Day nears, analysts are buzzing with predictions about the young adult voter turnout. The big question: Will the age group’s record participation in the 2008 election be repeated? The answer: Not likely.Unfortunately, I will contribute to what will likely be a drop in the turnout. I am not casting a ballot this election.But contrary to the popular epithet rattled off about the disengaged millennial generation, I don’t think...

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