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Brandwagoning: Black Lives Matter movement is not a commodity or aesthetic for branding purposes — opinion

Brandwagoning: Black Lives Matter movement is not a commodity or aesthetic for branding purposes — opinion

June 15, 2020

Influencers and corporate brands have used protests for the Black Lives Matter movement as a live backdrop for photo opportunities, in some cases attempting to profit off of black culture rather ...

Plant-based proteins are ‘here to stay’

Plant-based proteins are ‘here to stay’

By Miranda Manier, Managing Editor

December 1, 2019

When sophomore filmmaking major Haven Stohler became vegan five years ago, she had to learn how to cook her own meals. At the time, vegan and vegetarian options in grocery stores were sparse, and Sto...

Tarot next trend in self-love culture

Tarot next trend in self-love culture

By Alexandra Yetter

February 2, 2019

With over 30,000 followers on Instagram, yoga instructor and intuitive healer Kate Van Horn is part of a growing social media trend of spirituality intersecting with health and wellness.What some may ...

Strong Eyebrow Game

Strong eyebrow game

By Assistant Arts & Culture Editor

May 5, 2014

Columbia student Sydney Zenon has one strict fashion rule for herself: She cannot leave the house without filling in her perfefectly-plucked eyebrows. As she delved into the world of makeup during her ...

Welcome to their parlor

By Sophia Coleman

June 12, 2012

The deep vibrations of bass and rhythmic riffs of M.I.A and all things vulgar brought Chicago-based band Spider to the Fly together.Two Columbia students—Jack Collier, junior interdisciplinary major with a focus on music and fashion, and Sid Blastfemmy, music business major, magnetically connected in the summer of 2011 to spread messages of rebellion and awaken primal instincts in their fans.Over the past year, the eclectic...

Living key chains cruel, unusual

By Stephanie Saviola

April 11, 2011

Just how low will the human race stoop for a quick buck? Apparently, extremely low and often at the cost of other living creatures. People are willing to look the other way when it comes to cruel and inhumane treatment all for a simple, trendy materialistic possession.Street vendors in China are starting to sell tiny key chain trinkets containing live animals. For the same price as a tacky souvenir you find in a tourist gift shop, you can buy a small animal sealed in an airtight plastic bag fill...

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