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Vaccinations a must, in medicine we trust

By Editorial Board

February 9, 2015

Vaccinations will remain a major point of contention between those who do and those who don’t believe in science for the foreseeable future. With measles making its way into recent headlines amid a U.S. outbreak, it seems that many need a refresher on the necessity of immunization. However, forcing people to face cold, hard, scientifically proven facts is becoming more and more difficult with the increasing popularity of anti-v...

Journalism Department

School of Media Arts introduces new Communication & Media Innovation Department

December 22, 2014

The Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations departments now have a final department name as the Communication & Media Innovation Department following months of planning how to effectively combine...

Behind the Scenes: The 90’s Show

November 24, 2014

Columbia’s Urban Music Association hosts the annual 90’s Show in the 618 S Michigan Ave Building at Stage two. The show is a tribute to the music, performing arts and fashion of the 1990’s. Columbia...

AEMMP records Day // Night CD release Party | The Columbia Chronice

November 10, 2014

On November 6th Columbia’s Arts & Entertainment Media Management class hosted the Day n’ Night CD release party for their rock artists at Haus in the 623 S. Wabash building.Video By: Christian D....

Chicago Film Festival Celebrates 50 Years | The Columbia Chronicle

October 13, 2014

The Chicago Film Festival Celebrates its 50th anniversary from Oct 9 - Oct 23. The Chronicle got up close and personal with a couple of key players in this years festival.Video By: Christian D. HoganFor more ...

Random rides of kindness

By Amanda Murphy

October 31, 2011

“Free” is rarely a word spoken without some sort of strings attached. But in the case of the Kindness Cab, it means exactly that and more.On Oct. 24, to promote his book of the same name and his National Geographic TV show, “Amazing Adventures of a Nobody,” Leon Logothetis began a journey that will take him up, down and all around the U.S. He will be stopping in 11 cities total, arriving in Chicago on Oct. 31, to g...

Time to reconsider standards for achieving celebrity status

By J_Thomas

September 27, 2010

After years spent at private art schools, expensive acting studios and prestigious dance academies, aspiring artists often move to the West Coast to pursue their dream of making it big and becoming household names. It makes sense that finding work would come next and becoming a celebrity would follow.These days, in order to become famous in the entertainment industry, all one needs to do is make a sex tape and “accidentally...

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