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How To: Self-Hypnotize

By Contributing Writer

May 9, 2011

by: Sophia Coleman, Contributing WriterMost people have heard of hypnosis through Hollywood theatrics, but true hypnotism involves an altered, heightened state of mind, resulting in a powerful technique for effecting change.As spring semester concludes, students will be looking for a way to focus and remain calm throughout summer. Rather than suffer through a late-night study session or guzzle energy drinks minutes before ...

Recognition of community media

By The Columbia Chronicle

March 15, 2010

by Kwame ShorterContributing WriterJournalists and editors across the Chicago media landscape gathered for the Studs Terkel Community Media Awards benefit March 10 at the Chicago Cultural Center to praise journalists who have produced work reporting on underserved communities.The awards also allowed Community Media Workshop, a nonprofit organization partnered closely with Columbia, the opportunity to generate funds from its s...

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