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From inside the ‘beehives’

By Trevor Ballanger

September 14, 2012

Creativity can reveal itself when least expected, and the clashing interests and tastes of three musicians sometimes come together to make beautiful folk music with a playful twist.In, flew ants is the Chicago-based musical machine run by band members Scot Stewart, vocals and guitar; Richard Shell, drums; and Eric Dillon, bass. The three have known each other for years—Stewart and Dillon are cousins, and Shell has been t...

Last minute heroics help Wildcats draw even with Musketeers

By Nader Ihmoud

August 27, 2012

The Northwestern University Wildcats men’s soccer team opened its season Aug. 25 with a draw against the Xavier University Musketeers on its home turf, Lakeside Field, 2247 N. Campus Drive.All hope seemed lost for the Wildcats until goalkeeper Tyler Miller sailed a ball into Musketeer territory, resulting in a foul and penalty kick for Wildcats midfielder Chris Ritter.“I really didn’t know anything or what would happe...

A ‘wise’ Wolfe once said

By Trevor Ballanger

August 1, 2012

It's early on a Sunday night, and I am one of the first people at the bar where Henry Wolfe is opening for singers Eleni Mandell and Algebro. As the sun goes down I watch about 20 people filter into the small venue to watch him perform, and can't help but be intrigued by him, taking note that his mother is Meryl Streep and of his own seemingly quiet repute.Meanwhile, Wolfe is somewhere in Lincoln Park feasting on Chicago...

Welcome to their parlor

By Sophia Coleman

June 12, 2012

The deep vibrations of bass and rhythmic riffs of M.I.A and all things vulgar brought Chicago-based band Spider to the Fly together.Two Columbia students—Jack Collier, junior interdisciplinary major with a focus on music and fashion, and Sid Blastfemmy, music business major, magnetically connected in the summer of 2011 to spread messages of rebellion and awaken primal instincts in their fans.Over the past year, the eclectic...

Tea Party rallies for fall elections

By Tim Shaunnessey

April 23, 2012

The Democratic Party was in the crosshairs when the Chicago Tea Party mobilized April 16 to speak its mind.The Tea Party held its fourth annual Tax Day rally at Daley Plaza on the corner of Washington and Dearborn streets. The gathering featured a number of speakers expressing their discontent with the work of the Democrats and rallying support for conservative efforts in thiselection year.Tea Party supporters carried sign...

‘Mob Wives Chicago’ under fire

By Sophia Coleman

April 17, 2012

The hard and fast rule of the mob is that you don't talk about it, especially to the women. But times have changed, and a handful of local women with connections to the Outfit, the Chicago Mafia, are doing more than just moving their lips.While some residents would rather forget the countless crimes committed by the city’s most notorious gangsters, new light is being shed on Chicago’s dark and dirty history in a new real...

Hepatitis C vaccine on horizon

By Emily Fasold

April 2, 2012

Researchers at the University of Alberta have come one step closer to developing a preventative vaccine against all major strains of the hepatitis C virus, an accomplishment that was considered impossible until recently.The research was led by Michael Houghton, a virology professor at the university who discovered the virus in 1989. He and his colleagues tested the vaccine on 60 people and found that many made cross-neutr...

Public-private partnership to fight hunger in Illinois

By Chris Loeber

March 19, 2012

An initiative is in place to address an ongoing problem that impacts approximately 2 million people in Illinois: hunger and lack of access to healthy food.The Illinois No Kid Hungry campaign was recently launched with the goal of significantly reducing the number of children in the state who do not have access to food. The partnership between the State of Illinois and Share Our Strength, a nonprofit organization dedicated to figh...

Diamond in the Rough: The undocumented history of baseball at Columbia

By Lindsey Woods

February 27, 2012

Digging through Columbia’s archives, one finds hints of a baseball team: a brief mention in The Chronicle, a passing note on the website or just whispers in the hallway from students who know a friend of a friend who may have been on the fabled baseball team. But the championship flag of 2004 that once hung in the basement of the Alexandroff Campus Center, 600 S. Michigan Ave., has disappeared.The archives don’t tell the story ...

World focus at home

By Samuel Charles

February 20, 2012

If you haven’t seen “The Interrupters” yet, change that as soon as possible. It’s a beautiful documentary by Steve James, the director of “Hoop Dreams,” and Alex Kotlowitz, author of “There Are No Children Here,” which examined the epidemic of violence in different communities on Chicago’s South and West sides.The film has exploded in popularity since its premiere at the Gene Siskel Film Center last year and ...

Gloria Steinem visits Columbia

By Heather Scroering

February 13, 2012

Gloria Steinem, the legendary feminist icon from the Women’s Liberation Movement, has been making history since the 1960s, whether campaigning for the Equal Rights Amendment or advocating for animal rights. As she appeared on the stage of Columbia’s Film Row Cinema in the Conaway Center, 1104 S. Wabash Ave., the seats of chairs began flipping upward one after another as both women and men in the audience rose to greet the...

Political brainwashing is not part of the college syllabus

By Brianna Wellen

January 30, 2012

With the presidential election right around the corner, I’m checking my own political beliefs against the motley crew of Republican candidates hoping to face off against President Barack Obama later this year. As a college student and a firm supporter of higher education, I’m always curious to see what candidates have to say on the issue. When I heard Rick Santorum’s stance, I became very concerned with the state of o...

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