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My dad, Jim Anderson, is the majority owner and sole operator of Portland Provisions, a Portland, Maine-based food supply company that opened in 2015. The business has no physical location but shares a cooler with Pat's Meat Market, a local butcher shop co-owned by a Portland Provisions partner.

Column: Family and business in the age of the coronavirus—love and time lost

April 29, 2020

My dad, Jim Anderson, is the founder, majority owner and sole operator of Portland Provisions, a food supply company based in Portland, Maine. Now, for the first time in the business' five-year operation, ...

City gives second round of local business funding

City gives second round of local business funding

October 16, 2017

Although Chicago provides assistance to South Side businesses, it may not be addressing the real problems, according to local business experts.The Neighborhood Opportunity Fund is a city initiative la...

America's Next Top Role Model

America’s Next Top Role Model

October 2, 2017

Since kindergarten, Sid Marcos was left out. While her friends were on the playground, Marcos sat in her wheelchair, grounded to the cement because of a set of steps she could not hurdle. She asked her...

Amazon is in search of a second location to mirror its Seattle headquarters, captured here. If chosen, the development could bring 50,000 jobs to Chicago

Chicago bids for Amazon’s second headquarters

September 18, 2017

Online shopping giant Amazon is searching for a city to host its second headquarters, and Chicago is a contender.Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, announced the search Sept. 7 and said the new site could emp...

Words participants use to describe the healthcare system are displayed in the “Take Care” exhibit at the Weinberg/Newton Art Gallery, 300 W. Superior St.

Breast cancer exhibit wants you to ‘Take Care’

September 18, 2017

Inside a gallery, a large installation hangs as a tribute to a mother and hospice worker fighting for quality healthcare.Known for its exhibitions and partnerships with nonprofit organizations, the Weinberg/Newton Art Galle...

Curator Jerald Pellowski helped create the “Not on Paper” gallery with Columbia’s Illustration Program. 

Illustration program to host ‘Not on Paper’ gallery

February 13, 2017

The Hokin Project Gallery and the Design Department’s Illustration Program will host the monthlong exhibition “Not on Paper” to showcase untraditional student projects. The show will be displayed on the first floor of the 623 S. Wabash Building from Feb. 16 through March 16...

What lies ahead

What lies ahead

By Amelia Garza

December 12, 2016

The years have dwindled down to months, then weeks, and now I’m approaching my last days as a Columbia student. I transferred here two and a half years ago, packing up everything I owned, spending all my...

Initiative supports small businesses in Chicago

By Chris Loeber

February 6, 2012

A new initiative seeks to help Chicago’s minority- and women-owned small businesses grow in the marketplace.On Jan. 19, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the Graduation Phase-Out initiative to help transition businesses out of the city’s Minority and Women BusinessEnterprise program.MWBE sets annual goals for awarding city contracts to minority- and women -owned businesses. The Graduation Phase-Out program offers assistance at...

Tuition increases, students’ reaction mixed

By LauraNalin

March 29, 2010

As reported by The Chronicle on March 15, Columbia will increase tuition and fees by 3.3 percent for undergraduate students and 5 percent for graduate students for the 2010-2011 academic year. The college plans to allocate 2 percent of the generated revenue into the scholarship pool for the new scholarship initiative to aid incoming students.Each year the college’s administration undergoes an analysis by Mike DeSalle, chief financial advis...

No easy answer to Wal-Mart in Chicago

By Editorial Board

February 23, 2009

Chicago officials are now considering letting Wal-Mart build six locations in the city. As of now, there is only one on the Far West Side. But, with so much controversy over Wal-Mart's business practices, it seems as if everyone is divided.In a survey conducted by RT Strategies, 70 percent of Americans said they think Wal-Mart is good for consumers, but a survey conducted by Zogby differed, saying only 44 percent of Ameri...

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