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Wilde, the Renegades' new outdoors club, will begin organizing events for students in the Spring 2016 Semester, said Charlotte Klein, a junior photography major. 

Renegades go ‘Wilde’

December 4, 2015

The Renegades, Columbia’s athletic organization, will introduce its first club during the Spring 2016 Semester, according to Michael Sempek, a senior television major and Renegades president.The outdoo...

Wild winter weather

By Lindsey Woods

January 17, 2012

This season’s warm weather and minimal snow may be something to celebrate by those who enjoy driving without ice or walking without soggy feet, but for those who revel in winter, it’s a disaster. Bare mountain slopes and high temperatures are nothing to cheer about for those who relish winter recreation.Until last Thursday the new year was bringing 50-degree weather and sunshine, and not everyone is happy. Winter spor...

No charter bus for Renegades this season

By Etheria Modacure

February 28, 2011

This season, the Columbia Renegades basketball team looked to snap their losing streak with better play and discipline. Before the season began, tryouts were rained out for the Renegades because they were held at an outdoor basketball court.Toward the end of the season, the team had to forfeit its final two games because of transportation problems. One of the vehicles assistant coach Bruce Kolman rented broke down.Columbia doesn’t ...

Hitting the powder, Midwest ready for winter

By JeffGraveline

December 7, 2009

The Midwest isn’t known for its mountains, but that doesn’t stop people across the central U.S. from enjoying the skiing and snowboarding possibilities the area has to offer.Just a few hours away from Chicago are several ski and snowboard spots that offer a wide range of activities. From skiing to tubing, each resort in the Midwest has its own unique way toattract guests.While the weather might not have dropped the per...

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