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Shedd Aquarium splashes art across Chicago

By Katherine Savage

September 24, 2018

The Shedd Aquarium is inviting visitors to explore various exotic aquatic species in a unique exhibit, “Underwater Beauty,” which features 100 species and more than 1,000 animals.“Underwater Beauty,” which opened May 25, focuses not on types of creatures, but rather on colors, patterns and rhythms or movements of the animals, said Johnny Ford, manager of Communication and Public Relations at the Shedd Aquarium.“‘Unde...

'One century minus a baker's dozen:' Finding the forest for the trees in the translation of literature

‘One century minus a baker’s dozen:’ Finding the forest for the trees in the translation of literature

November 17, 2014

“Fourscore and seven years ago” is a phrase every American knows. Abraham Lincoln began his Gettysburg Address to a war-weary crowd of Pennsylvanians with those five words on a Thursday afternoon in Novembe...

Maire Hahn sings for an audience and plays the keyboard during AEMMP Records release party.

AEMMP records releases day//night CD compilations

November 10, 2014

AEMMP Records, Columbia’s student-run record label, teamed up with the “Club Management: Practicum” class in the Business & Entrepreneurship Department to host a CD release for the label’s latest compilation, day//night, on Nov. 6 at HAUS in the 623 S. Wabash Ave. Build...

Keep Lucas museum on Lake Michigan

By Opinions Editor

September 2, 2014

A June 24 announcement that George Lucas, creator of the “Star Wars” series, plans to pursue a Museum Campus location for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has sparked debate between Lucas enthusiasts and environmentalists.Mayor Rahm Emanuel has voiced his support for the museum, which is expected to generate $2 to $2.2 billion over a 10-year period in tourism revenue. Lucas will fund the museum’s site’s $2 million environmental clean-up and construction process, according to the article on pages 22-23. However, environmentalists are concerned that the possible pollutants underneath the site will be harmful when exposed, and the construction of the museum will violate a 1973 ordinance outlawing private development along the lakefront.It has been suggested by Friends of the Parks, an organization that works to protect Chicago’s parks, that Lucas move his museum to a different site in Chicago, possibly to a South or West Side neighborhood where blighted communities could benefit from the addition. However, because Lucas is funding the museum and any clean up, his wishes should be respected or Chicago could risk losing out on a significant economic booster and a unique cultural institution housing Lucas’ extensive collection of art.Those opposed to the Museum Campus site, such as Friends of the Parks, are not looking at the bigger picture. Friends of the Parks is concerned that the lakefront will be too congested and lack open space, according to a May 20 Friends of the Parks press release. However, the site of the potential museum is currently located on Solider Field and McCormick Place parking lots. While tailgating Bears fans enjoy the lots, they are not there to enjoy the view of Lake Michigan. Lucas also plans on including landscaping and a pedestrian bridge, according to a July 28 museum press release.The unearthing of potentially carcinogenic pollutants remaining from the Great Chicago Fire of 1871–detected by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency beneath the lots–has also concerned some environmentalists. The toxic residue of the Chicago Fire should not prevent Chicago from accepting a museum, especially because many buildings have been erected in the surrounding area since 1871 without apparent ill effect. Environmental cleanup is a normal part of construction in Chicago—many of the city’s neighborhoods are built atop old industry sites.If the city wants to fully reap the benefits from the museum, it is imperative that the museum be a part of the Museum Campus instead of placing it in another neighborhood. The Chicago City Pass, a popular tourist purchase, allows access to the three Museum Campus institutions—the Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium and the Field Museum—for up to 30 days. Because the museums are located close together, visitors can easily jump from one museum to another. If Lucas’ museum is built too far from the Museum Campus, tourists may pass up on the institution.Big plans often necessitate some sacrifices, and the concerns environmentalists have are not without merit, but Lucas’ promise to assume all of the financial responsibilities for the museum can only benefit a city that desperately needs the money. Chicago cannot afford to lose the museum, but Lucas can afford to lose Chicago.

Chicago wins battle for Lucas Museum

By Managing Editor

September 2, 2014

Sarah Pilotte, a sophomore business & entrepreneurship major, said she became a fan of “Star Wars” creator George Lucas’ work as a child when her parents sat her down to watch the series, but as she got older, she developed a deeper fondness for his ability to tell human stories through wildly imaginative storylines.“It shows humanity in a different setting,” Pilotte said. “The world [Lucas] created is so re...

Hipsters poaching livelihood from subsistence hunters

By Opinions Editor

February 3, 2014

Every year, a new “superfood” rolls across social media and into the pantries of health-conscious Americans. The organic obsession has recently reached a new height: Trendy omnivores are now hunting for their own wild meat.During the past several years, hunting has attracted the attention of more females and urbanites looking to kill for sustenance. From 2006–2011, hunting participation grew 9 percent in the U.S., acco...

Carpets and wall trims are being replaced after the 8th floor of the University Center flooded on Jan. 8. The damage has displaced 16 students.

Pipe burst floods dorms, scatters students

January 27, 2014

A frozen pipe that burst Jan. 8 in the University Center displaced Columbia students and led to flooding during winter break. The water damage from the exploded pipe started in an apartment unit on the 8th floor of the University Center, 525 S. State St., and trickled down to t...

Restaurant Week satisfies hungry Chicagoans

By Kaley Fowler

February 6, 2012

With more than 6,000 restaurants in the city, finding somewhere to eat isn’t terribly difficult. Deciding on a restaurant, however, can be more problematic. That’s where Chicago Restaurant Week comes in.Chicago will hold its fifth annual Restaurant Week, a 10-day showcase of more than 230 restaurants throughout the city and suburbs, from Feb. 17–26. Eateries will offer special prix fixe menus priced at $22 for lunch ...

Downtime in the city

By Aviva Einhorn

January 17, 2012

At the beginning of any semester, monotonous introductions and syllabi reviews generally preface the oncoming workload, leaving many students time to spare before wading into the deeper end of academia.So how do you spend that time without spending money? Visit museums.Some Chicagoans are experts on the art of “free living” and have discovered the secret sweet spots and metaphorical back alleys through the city’s intriguing...

Group helps ease murder rate

By Heather McGraw

April 4, 2011

Within months of being released from prison in 2002, Zale Hoddenbach was approached by a stranger who seemed to know a lot about his life.The man was working for an organization called CeaseFire, a group which interferes in gang violence. He contacted Hoddenbach to recruit him as one of the group’s "violence interrupters". After a few failed attempts, the man finally convinced Hoddenbach to come on a response call. Hoddenba...

Captivity concerns

By Bethany Reinhart

March 8, 2010

Things at SeaWorld in Orlando, Fla., have returned to normal. Killer whale shows including “Believe” have resumed, money is pouring in and the media blitz surrounding trainer Dawn Brancheau’s death has subsided. Here in Chicago, Brancheau was laid to rest March 1 at St. Rita of Cascia Shrine Chapel on the city’s South Side.Although headlines have faded about Brancheau’s violent death and Tilikum, the killer whale responsible...

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