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Studying abroad broadens horizons

By Lisa Schulz

April 16, 2012

In three weeks, the spring 2012 semester will be history. Summer 2012, on the other hand, a time to study history—the foundation of Columbia’s overseas study program’s curriculum.For the program’s annual summer trips, approximately 12 students will pack up their bags and check Prague and Florence off their study destination wish lists. The Florence trip lasts from June 28–July 28 and is hosted by the Fiction Writing ...

Synchronized Skating in Chicago

By Lindsey Woods

January 30, 2012

After hockey players congratulate each other on their games while filing out of the ice rink at 10 p.m. on a Tuesday night, the sound of skates scratching the ice can still be heard.As the janitor cleans the bleachers, a core group of athletes stay on the ice to practice. They have no pads and no helmets, just trust in each other’s abilities. There is no puck and no net. Just eight Northwestern University women skating to the ...

DePaul drops ball against ranked Georgetown

By Lindsey Woods

January 23, 2012

DePaul University dropped its fourth straight Big East matchup, falling to 10th-ranked Georgetown University, 83-75, on Jan. 17 at Allstate Arena, 6920 Mannheim Road.The Blue Demons fought from behind for the majority of the game, going into the second half down 37–31 after a last-minute 3-pointer by guard Brandon Young, who had 16 points by the end of the night.Coming out of halftime, the Demons pressured the Hoyas def...

Restrictions Dropped

By Gregory Cappis

December 5, 2011

The defense team won another battle—albeit a small one—in the case of the 1994 rape and murder of Nina Glover.On Nov. 16, the four defendants—Terrill Swift, Vincent Thames, Michael Saunders and Harold Richardson—had their convictions vacated because of newly discovered DNA evidence, as reported by The Chronicle on Nov. 21. The defendants are still waiting for the state’s attorney to decide if they will be forced...

‘Sexting’ scandal needs more insight

By Alexandra Kukulka

November 28, 2011

School administrators have been making the news frequently these last few months, and not in a good way. Specifically they’ve been accused of condoning or performing scandalous acts, such as rape, sexting and harassment. Why some feel the need to do these things is unclear, but then again, it is hard for any mentally dysfunctional person to explain the logic behind touching and harassing other people.The Chicago Tribune recen...

NBA proves to be worse than Wall Street

By Samuel Charles

November 21, 2011

During the course of the last few months, few stories have received more attention than the Occupy Wall Street protests and the NBA lockout—two seemingly unrelated but surprisingly similar topics.In short, the OWS protesters are hell-bent on closing the spectrum of economic disparity in the U.S. Anyone who brings home more than $350,000 per year is in “the 1 percent.” According to OWS, they are the enemy of progress.Ye...

Kids These Days beyond their years

By Sophia Coleman

October 24, 2011

In the two years they’ve been together, local band Kids These Days has gained a major reputation. From performing for sold out crowds at Metro, 3730 N. Clark St., to scoring a spot at Lollapalooza, the future couldn’t be brighter for the band of seven talented musicians, all under the age of 20.The first layer of sound is both blues and alternative rock, with Macie Stewart’s sultry vocals, Liam Cunningham’s raw expert...

Students need safe passage to school

By Matt Watson

October 10, 2011

Boarded up houses loom over large swaths of Chicago, standing as dismal reminders of the recession. These eyesores serve as havens for gangs, drug dealers and squatters, creating dangerous areas in already troubled neighborhoods. It isn’t uncommon for dead pit bulls, the casualties of ruthless dog fights, to be found in abandoned homes. With more than 10,500 foreclosures in the city in 2010, the problem shows no sign of abat...

‘Lincoln Lawyer’ Film Review

By Cristina Aguirre

March 28, 2011

"The Lincoln Lawyer" stars Matthew McConaughey as Michael "Mick" Haller, a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles who operates out of the back of his Lincoln Continental Sedan. He lands the case of a lifetime defending a rich playboy played by Ryan Phillippe. The Chronicle's Film Critic Sean Lechowicz reviews the film.

Thandie Newton Interview

By Drew Hunt

November 15, 2010

The Chronicle recently chatted with the actress Thandie Newton about her new flick “For Colored Girls”. She discussed the challenge of bringing poetry to the big screen, her personal reaction to Ntozake Shange’s original play, and what it’s like for a Brit to play a streetwise American.Chronicle: Were you familiar with the play before you signed onto the movie?TN: I hadn’t read the play before, and I can only pu...

‘For Colored Girls’ review

By Contributing Writer

November 15, 2010

by: Sean Lechowicz“For Colored Girls”, based on Ntozake Shange’s poetic 1975 play of the same name, tests director Tyler Perry’s ability as a filmmaker. He is best known for adapting his own plays and hasn’t tackled another writer’s work up to this point. Although occasionally powerful, the film proves that Perry doesn’t quite have the chops writing material bereft of loudmouthed cross dressers.The ensemble f...

‘Conviction’ review

By Contributing Writer

October 25, 2010

by: Sean LechowiczOscar season has begun, and what better way to kick off months of shameless studio pandering than an “inspired by the spectacular true story” film starring Hilary Swank? “Conviction” is a by-the-book attempt at uplifting audiences while racking up numerous accolades at awards shows. Audiences have seen “Conviction” dozens of times before, whether it be called “Erin Brockovich” or “The T...

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