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EDITORIAL: Equality in the courtroom critical to LGBTQ activism

EDITORIAL: Equality in the courtroom critical to LGBTQ activism

February 6, 2019

New York is likely to become the fourth state to ban the controversial gay and trans panic defense strategy, according to a Jan. 25 NBC article. The bill was introduced in 2017 and has been gaining momentu...

A variety of costumes used throughout the genrations of Saturday Night Live sketches are part of the exhibit at the Museum of Broadcast Communications, 360 N. State St., entitled

‘Live from Chicago, it’s Saturday night!’

November 20, 2017

A small group of eager museum visitors stand in a dimly lit lobby with their faces upturned, the room full of anticipation as they stare at a screen on which actors such as Tracy Morgan, Dana Carvey a...

16 years later, it’s OK to laugh again

16 years later, it’s OK to laugh again

By Charlie Connelly

September 11, 2017

In the wake of the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks, no one in the U. S. could be sure when normalcy would be re-established. Businesses closed, sports events were canceled and even the iconic sketch comedy platform...

Potential department mergers need to prove student benefits

By Editorial Board

March 6, 2017

Several departments housed in the School of Media Arts may be merging come Fall 2017,announced in a Feb. 7 email from Dean Eric Freedman. In the email, Freedman cited the desire to overcome obstacles to interdisciplinary study as a reason for the proposed mergers, as reported Feb. 20 by The Chronicle. The mergers would combine the Communication & Media Innovation and Radio departments and the Television and Cinema Art and S...

‘SNL’ proves comedy is important during Trump era

‘SNL’ proves comedy is important during Trump era

By Brooke Pawling Stennett

February 20, 2017

Melissa McCarthy was almost unrecognizable as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer in a Feb. 4 episode of “Saturday Night Live.” Dressed in a well-fitted suit and an impeccable fake receding hai...

That's really a wrap this time

‘See you in court,’ Hollywood

February 13, 2017

In an accidental stroke of genius, President Donald Trump posted his best tweet thus far Feb. 9 in response to three federal judges in the 9th Circuit Court who refused to restore his travel ban on seve...

Hazing is criminal assault, not tradition

By Editorial Board

February 13, 2017

Student athletes learn plenty of life lessons including the value of hard work, the power of determination and the strength of tradition. However, in the recent case of hazing at Lake Zurich High School in Illinois, tradition went too far. According to a Feb. 2 Chicago Tribune article, two alleged victims have now filed a federal lawsuit against School District 95 arising from actions by the Lake Zurich High School footb...

Suburb ‘Parties On’ for ‘Wayne’s World’ celebration

Suburb ‘Parties On’ for ‘Wayne’s World’ celebration

January 23, 2017

“Schwing!” In honor of the “Saturday Night Live” sketch-turned-movie “Wayne’s World’s” 25th anniversary, Chicagoland suburb and Wayne’s hometown Aurora, Illinois is throwing a six-month long celebr...

Isabelle Rezazadeh, also known as DJ REZZ, will perform at Concord Music Hall, located at 2047 N. Milwaukee Ave., on Oct. 22. She plans to perform songs from her recently released EP. 

DJ REZZ doesn’t see ‘Something Wrong Here’

October 10, 2016

Isabelle Rezazadeh, also known as REZZ, is an up-and-coming DJ from Niagara Falls, Ontario. On Oct. 7, she released her EP, Something Wrong Here, via mau5trap Records, a label created by deadmau5. She wi...

Chicago dumps Trump with satire

Jacob Thomas’ Donald Trump-inspired designs are displayed at the Degenerate Art Gallery, 5407 N. Clark St., April 1 through April 24.

By Arts & Culture Editor

April 4, 2016

There is no denying Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is a polarizing billionaire to many voters.Between his hyperbolic speeches and overall appearance, parodies of the boisterous figure have flourishe...

Student Center Phase One: College input visualized

Student Center Phase One: College input visualized

February 22, 2016

As the college community entered its winter break, a team of architects and consultants from Chicago-based planning firm Solomon Cordwell Buenz was working on the initial programming phase of Columbia’s long-...

Chicago: A training ground for comedic talent

By Arts & Culture Reporter

March 9, 2015

In a world devoid of Chicago’s renowned comedic training centers, Stephen Colbert might have been reduced to just a silly sounding French name and Hannibal Buress might only be seen as the funny coworker at the office. Without the city’s legendary comedy scene, the names Bill Murray and Tina Fey might be utterly irrelevant.As a learning ground for some of the most renowned comedians in popular culture, Chicago has achiev...

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