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Sheahan bows out after four months

Sheahan bows out after four months

January 27, 2014

Vice President of Institutional Advancement Patrick Sheahan abruptly left Columbia Jan. 15 after holding the position for less than four months, making the post the third high-ranking administrative position at the college without a permanent appointment. Senior Vice Presiden...

Film & Video successes reach Hollywood

By Megan Purazrang

January 24, 2013

The achievements of Columbia’s alumni are many, specifically in the Film & Video Department. The new year has bestowed an array of honors on Columbia’s Film & Video alumni with 32 award recognitions for 2013.Such recognition not only benefits alumni, but also current students, perspective students and the institution as a whole, said Eric Winston, vice president of Institutional Advancement.“[Columbia alumni] ...

Featured Athlete: Megan Pyrz

By Brandon Smith

September 10, 2012

Megan Pyrz, a sophomore at DePaul University, started playing goalkeeper for the women’s soccer team as a freshman. She was recently named Big East Goalkeeper of the Week, based on the outstanding season she has recorded so far. In six games, she has allowed only three goals and has made 27 saves, the second most in the Big East conference. The Chronicle met with the Minnesota native before she went home for the Minnesota Gold C...

Public funding, private brewing

By The Columbia Chronicle

September 4, 2012

The construction of a microbrewery in the Motor Row District has been approved by the Community Development Commission, a group that allocates tax increment financing funds. The brewery is the leading edge of the effort to cultivate a nightlife district on Chicago’s Near South Side.The Broad Shoulders Brewery is slated for 2337 S. Michigan Ave., one of many vacant buildings in the area. Construction of more restaurants, ba...

Pour some ‘sugar’ on me

By Trevor Ballanger

September 4, 2012

In 1967, The Beatles sang, “All you need is love.” In a world fueled by status, that philosophy is now almost old-fashioned—love is incidental, but diamonds are forever. Sugar daddies seem to be getting younger every year, and their sugar babies get the money they need.The term “sugar baby” refers to a young woman or man who is financially cared for by a “sugar daddy” or “sugar mama,” often in exchange f...

Outer Minds takes Pitchfork audience to another era

By Sophia Coleman

July 17, 2012

By  Heather Schröering & Sophia ColemanGet ready to pile into the old Volkswagen Transporter because Chicago’s Outer Minds are always ready to take you on a trip straight back to the flower-filled, dreamtastic decade of the The Sixties. And that’s exactly what they did at their first-ever Pitchfork Music Festival performance on July 13 for a crowd of more than 100.The five-member band—which was born more than two ...

Fundraising, showcasing talent at Fashion Columbia

By Sophia Coleman

June 12, 2012

Flashing lights and gleaming runways were the setting as 15 graduates of Columbia’s fashion studies program displayed their handcrafted garments June 8 at Fashion Columbia, a fundraising event that benefits the program.The annual extravaganza, staged for the first time at the Media Production Center, 1600 S. State St., was held in honor of Eunice W. Johnson, a fashion pioneer who co-founded Ebony Magazine with her husband ...

Campus untouched by NATO protests

By Sophia Coleman

May 22, 2012

Columbia’s campus came through unscathed, despite being caught in the middle of the NATO protests that unfolded between May 18 and May 21 and witnessed a clash between a few thousand demonstrators and police officers.No damage was done to the school’s property, according to Bob Koverman, vice president of Campus Safety and Security. He said the campus had prepared for the event by closing two weeks early and had a sol...

NATO secretary general speaks to young leaders

By Heather Scroering

May 20, 2012

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen discussed key points that will be touched on at the NATO summit with a crowd of future leaders at the Young Atlanticist Summit on Saturday.Rasmussen honed in on three main topics including NATO’s future involvement with Afghanistan, prospective responsibilities for the organization and partnerships with other non-NATO countries.“Our goal is to make sure that Afghanistan will...

National Latino Congreso stresses importance of Latino voters

By Contributing Writer

May 19, 2012

By Valeria FanelliThe National Latino Congreso met Saturday in Chicago and called attention to major issues facing the Latino community.Julieta Garibay, DREAM campaign coordinator for University of Texas at Austin, said it was important to address immigration issues as all the big world leaders are in town for the NATO Summit.Who the next president will be matters to Latinos.“We need to vote for somebody who recognizes our rights,” sh...

Economic circumstances weigh on cultural events in Chicago

By Chris Loeber

April 30, 2012

Residents and visitors alike will enjoy live music in Chicago’s parks and sample the city’s culinary prowess at local food festivals this summer, but a tight budget might thwart the continuity of some events coordinated by the city.As the city evaluates its festival and event programming as part of an initiative set forth by Mayor Rahm Emanuel in 2011, “challenging times” may influence which special events will cont...

National Equal Pay Day prompts women to seek higher wages

By Kaley Fowler

April 23, 2012

While issues of gender equality may seem like a thing of the past, a group of women’s rights activists asserted otherwise at a nationwide rally, calling for equal pay for menand women.The Chicago Commission on Human Relations sponsored the April 17 rally outside Daley Plaza at the corner of Washington and Dearborn streets in conjunction with 26 organizations in observance of National Equal Pay Day, which highlighted the wag...

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