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We need to recognize suicide rights

By Editorial Board

October 27, 2014

A 29-year-old California woman diagnosed with terminal brain cancer made national headlines for her decision to end her life by taking a prescribed lethal medication on Nov. 1.After being given six months to live, Brittany Maynard opted to undergo assisted suicide— “die with dignity”—a controversial practice that only three states in the U.S. permit. Maynard was diagnosed with brain cancer on New Year’s Day, and doct...

For the second consecutive year, Columbia is hosting the Wabash Arts Corridor Crawl on the first day of this years’ Parent’s Weekend, which will take place Sept 19—20. According to Mark Kelly, vice president for Student Success, the college wants to expose parents to all the community has to offer.

Columbia invites parents to WAC crawl

September 15, 2014

This year’s Wabash Arts Corridor Crawl, an annual art and performance festival sponsored by the college, will be bigger than ever . The WAC Crawl will take place Sept. 19—the first day of Pare...

What’s Good in Englewood | The Columbia Chronicle

September 2, 2014

Some Englewood residents are hoping to change negative perceptions of their neighborhood with the "What's Good in Englewood" radio segment hosted on Kennedy-King College's WKKC Radio. The segment's fo...

The Columbia Chronicle Graduating Class of 2014

May 15, 2014

After 1,460 days, the time has finally come for seniors to graduate. It's a time to look back at your four years at Columbia and reflect on how everything has been preparing you for this moment. "What a...

Columbia Professor Researches Retention Rates

Columbia Professor Researches Retention Rates

May 12, 2014

After four years of research, Pegeen Reichert Powell, associate professor in the English Department and director of programming for the Writing and Rhetoric courses, has published her first book “Retention and Resistance: Writing Instruction and Students Who Leave.” The boo...

Transit Transitioning: City Envisions Future Public Transit System

By Metro Editor

May 12, 2014

For some far South Side residents, a trip downtown is a rare event that must be planned well in advance. Their plight highlights one of Chicago’s most prevalent social concerns: the accessibility of public transportation.Most South Side residents must take several buses before they can reach the nearest El station. Because access to public transportation is so limited, most people do not venture far from their neighborhoods,...

Athlete Profile: Michael Sempek

Michael Sempek

By Copy Editor

May 12, 2014

Michael Sempek, a sophomore television major, is stepping down as captain of the baseball team to take on a new role as the next president of the Renegades.Born in Omaha, Neb., Sempek has played baseba...

Athlete Profile: William Montes

Athlete Profile: William Montes

By Sports & Health Editor

May 5, 2014

William Montes, captain and goalie of the Renegades co-ed soccer team and junior creative writing major, said his mom, a soccer coach, pushed him to join a soccer league at 3 years old. With a love for...

Bike cops roll back crime rates

By Assistant Metro Editor

May 5, 2014

In an effort to make police more “mobile, social and interactive,” the Chicago Police Department plans to deploy more than 140 officers on bikes to patrol 20 high-crime areas on the South and West Sides.Mayor Rahm Emanuel and CPD Superintendent Garry McCarthy announced the initiative April 18 as a part of its Operation Impact program, which the CPD launched in October 2013 to increase the number of officers in the cit...

All in for Aldridge

Ihmoud's Moods

By Media Relations Editor

April 28, 2014

The 2006 NBA draft still haunts me, and the nightmares have been recently revived because of Portland Trail Blazers power forward LaMarcus Aldridge’s outstanding play during the first two games of the We...

Columbia alumnus still making journalistic impact

Columbia alumnus still making journalistic impact

April 28, 2014

Sean Stillmaker, a 2010 journalism alumnus and Co-Editor-in-Chief of the London-based quarterly arts and culture magazine majestic disorder, experienced “ultimate satisfaction” when the first issue sold out in multiple stores on its first day available in Chicago. maj...

Astronauts' hearts take on spherical shape

Astronaut hearts shift in microgravity

April 14, 2014

According to recent findings, astronauts experiencing lengthy stays outside Earth’s gravity experience a change of heart—a shape shift to be exact.A March 29 study presented to the American College o...

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