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Percentage of recyclable waste kept out of landfills.

Chicagoans’ recycling is ‘garbage’

November 14, 2016

Chicago residents need to do a better job keeping recyclables out of the trash because only 13 percent of the trash produced every year does not end up in landfills, according to Department of Streets and S...

Ticket grace period request speeds through process

Chicago motorists to receive a second opportunity to pay or contend red light tickets.

By Metro Reporter

September 19, 2016

Drivers who received tickets from red light cameras between March 23 and May 14 will receive a second opportunity to either pay or challenge ticket violations.Motorists who receive these notices will have ...

Administrative accountability can foster transparency

By Editor-in-Chief

October 6, 2014

Every year, when Columbia’s Form 990 tax records are released, The Chronicle writes its annual “highest-paid” article—a piece that details how much the college’s top administrators are paid, including base salary, bonuses and nontaxable benefits such as healthcare.As reported in the article on the Front Page, this year was no exception. Detailing former President Warrick L. Carter’s final year at the college, a...


Girl power: WNBA on the rise despite inequalities

September 22, 2014

 The 2014 WNBA finals have concluded and the TV ratings are up all across the board.After three games, the 2014 WNBA finals averaged 659,000 viewers per game across all three networks it broadcasts o...

Ken Dunn Collects Chicago’s Compost

April 14, 2014

When excess food spoils or goes to waste, it is moved to landfills, producing methane and accelerating climate change—unless it is composted. Ken Dunn, president and founder of Resource Center, a no...

Paper or drastic?

March 31, 2014

Spring rains are quickly filling the gutters of many Chicago neighborhoods, and the excess plastic bags that have escaped the city’s recycling program often litter and clog drains. To address the related environmental concerns, aldermen Joe Moreno (1st Ward) and George Cardenas (12th Ward) have backed a ban on plastic bags.The bill would prohibit all city retailers from distributing plastic bags, requiring them to instead...

A delectable dessert

Funfetti Brownies

January 27, 2014

There are many choices to be made throughout the day: cream or sugar, paper or plastic, cake or brownies. To me, the latter decision is the hardest. But thanks to YouTube personality Grace Helbig, forme...

Issues on ice

By Lindsey Woods

September 24, 2012

Sports fans are being served a tall glass of déjà vu—on ice. The NHL is now officially past its Sept. 15 lockout deadline, meaning the ghost of the lost 2004–2005 season is starting to haunt the nightmares of hockey fans.Negotiations have been slow thus far, and sports sources are not-so-subtly hinting that this lockout may last. The NHL and its Players’ Association have had only a few formal meetings, none of which have yie...

Getting Into Face(s)

By Emily Ornberg

September 17, 2012

Psychedelic Hindu gods, glittery nuns, decadent astronauts—the roles change from frame to frame, but subjects JoJo Baby and Sal-E of Bernard Colbert’s photo book “Getting Into Face” have maintained the same routine for five years.Every Monday night, JoJo Baby with friend Sal-E have gone to work as hosts of Chicago’s largest and longest running house-music dance party, the Boom Boom Room, which is currently on hiatus fr...

Administration cans recycling program

By Ivana Hester

September 4, 2012

Recent changes to the Recycling Program mean that the  custodial staff, rather than students, will now be collecting recyclable materials on campus.Despite the program’s success, the administration felt the program needed revision to better benefit the students, according to Alicia Berg, vice president of Campus Environment. The program will now focus on sustainability instead of sorting recyclable material.“I think i...

Recycling Program a victim of prioritization

By Tyler Davis

September 4, 2012

The formerly student-run Recycling Program will be seeing some staffing changes this year. Students will no longer be sorting recyclable materials, a task that will now be performed by the school’s custodial staff. The program was created by students and will still have student involvement, but it remains uncertain whether they will continue to have a say in how recycling is carried outon campus.Students started the recy...

Blinns put creativity to work

By Alexandra Kukulka

April 30, 2012

Students frequently meet with their counselors to discuss their futures at Columbia and beyond. Some may agree with the advice they are given, while others may soon forget what they are told.For students in the second category, spouses Bob Blinn, an adviser in Columbia’s Advising Center, and Mary Blinn, assistant to the chair of the Music Department, have written a book titled “Putting Creativity to Work” that aims t...

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