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Columbia style-maven sweeps Chicago Fashion Week

Columbia style-maven sweeps Chicago Fashion Week

October 20, 2014

Nena Ivon, a veteran adjunct faculty member in the Fashion Studies Department knows what it takes to survive in the fashion industry. Ivon served on the college’s Fashion Advisory Board when Columbia first started designing the fashion studies program and has also worked as t...

Gov. fires private manager of Illinois Lottery amid mismanagement

Gov. fires private manager of Illinois Lottery amid mismanagement

By Managing Editor

August 15, 2014

In the wake of Gov. Pat Quinn's firing of Northstar, the private firm operating the Illinois lottery, further evidence has come to light that the Lottery Control Board was out of compliance with Illin...

Issues on ice

By Lindsey Woods

September 24, 2012

Sports fans are being served a tall glass of déjà vu—on ice. The NHL is now officially past its Sept. 15 lockout deadline, meaning the ghost of the lost 2004–2005 season is starting to haunt the nightmares of hockey fans.Negotiations have been slow thus far, and sports sources are not-so-subtly hinting that this lockout may last. The NHL and its Players’ Association have had only a few formal meetings, none of which have yie...

Getting Into Face(s)

By Emily Ornberg

September 17, 2012

Psychedelic Hindu gods, glittery nuns, decadent astronauts—the roles change from frame to frame, but subjects JoJo Baby and Sal-E of Bernard Colbert’s photo book “Getting Into Face” have maintained the same routine for five years.Every Monday night, JoJo Baby with friend Sal-E have gone to work as hosts of Chicago’s largest and longest running house-music dance party, the Boom Boom Room, which is currently on hiatus fr...

Reuse, expand, recycle: plastic bag intiative

By Lisa Schulz

October 3, 2011

In a vast room cluttered with various creations of reused materials, a dumpster piled high and green plastic bags stuffed with balled-up grocery bags towered over Neale Baldyga, who brandished the master machine that removes contaminants from recyclables: his hands.Despite the dirty work, Baldyga, Colu-mbia’s recycling outreach coordinator, and the nine-member recycling program staff continue to encourage students to contr...

Daley moves to privatize in final weeks

By The Columbia Chronicle

May 2, 2011

By Alexandra Kukulka, Contributing WriterWith two weeks left in office, Mayor Richard M. Daley is pushing for one last initiative before he steps down on May 16, the same day Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel and the new City Council are sworn in. Daley wants to privatize Chicago’s recycling program to save the city money.The recycling privatization could provide a 20 to 25 percent savings to taxpayers by hiring private companies to do t...

Privatize recycling with caution

By Editorial Board

April 11, 2011

The Chicago Sun-Times recently broke the news that Mayor Richard M. Daley planned to sign a 10-year contract to privatize the city’s recycling programs. A union leader told the Sun-Times Daley planned to sign those contracts soon, rushing them through to pre-empt a union-backed ordinance to keep recycling work in-house among city workers.While the loss of city jobs is regrettable, the current state of Chicago’s recycling program is, to ...

Reclusive sisters fight reality in ‘New Electric’

By Matt Watson

February 21, 2011

Lights flood the stage, revealing three women standing in a dingy kitchen. Breda, played by Kate Buddeke, faces the wall with her hands against it, bursting into a rant and spitting her words out with the cadence of a stubborn child. “By their nature people are talkers,” Breda rambles.“You can’t deny that.”“The New Electric Ballroom,” which opened on Jan. 21 at A Red Orchid Theater, 1531 N. Wells St., and ru...

Daley should privatize recycling

By Editorial Board

September 7, 2010

Mayor Daley recently announced the city is looking to privatize a slew of services, from the city pound to the Taste of Chicago, all in an effort to erase Chicago’s $654.7 million budget shortfall without raising taxes. Among that list was the city’s blue bin recycling program.Although privatization has become a dirty word after the notorious parking meter fiasco, a private recycling program could have its benefits. T...

City shouldn’t privatize more services

By Lauren Kelly

December 7, 2009

Just nine months after Chicago leased its parking meters to a private company in a quick deal, Mayor Richard M. Daley made a statement that any city service is up for sale given the right price, according to the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board.Chicago is still in financial trouble despite the $1.15 billion meter deal with Chicago Parking Meters LLC in February, and the city is now reportedly open to selling off other service...

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