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Get your Columbia ID out for discounts this fall

Get your Columbia ID out for discounts this fall

September 10, 2020

In high school, freshman filmmaking major Emily Teitelbaum did not have many options for student discounts and said she often paid full price for any purchase she made. As a new college student now ma...

Greg Fenton, founder of Red Shelf, said that the company’s attitude toward content distribution is like Netflix for textbooks and educational material.

RedShelf platform promotes educational innovation

January 25, 2016

New print editions of textbooks are typically released every few years, but digital content distributor Red Shelf allows publishers to update their textbooks every semester based on the information students...

The Lathrop Homes located between Bucktown and Roscoe Village has been around since 1937 but is now slated for redevelopment.

Locals urge for more public housing on city’s North Side

November 30, 2015

Low-income residents and families throughout Illinois are struggling to find affordable housing because of increasingly long waiting lists and cuts to existing public housing units.A November 2015 report by ...

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