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Students Lucas Miroslaw (right) and Giana Carli (center) work on the film set of a

Student filmmakers ‘heartbroken’ after suspension of practicum projects

April 2, 2020

Isaac Lowry and Earl Davis have been looking forward to their practicum projects since their freshman year at Columbia. Just a week before they were supposed to start filming, classes were suspended due to t...

Practicum film projects mimic showbiz, so don’t ‘expect a cakewalk’

February 5, 2020

Practicum courses are considered capstones—an experience-based project taken before graduation—in the Cinema and Television Arts Department. In the practicum, students from various disciplines, in...

Orlando Pinder (left), director  for the 2019 practicum production of “Pegasus,” reviews footage on-set alongside student collaborators for the project. Practicum productions allow Cinema and Television Arts Department students to experience film sets similar to the industry before graduation, from production meetings to location scouting and set design.

Practicum film projects mimic showbiz, so don’t ‘expect a cakewalk’

January 31, 2020

The set of a practicum film at the college is fairly standard—under hot lights mounted six feet off the ground, production assistants zip through a jungle of cables, as production designers, occasio...

Jazmin Bryant, a cinema art and science major, produced the Hollywood-bound film “A Wolf Comes at Night” in a Columbia practicum course.

‘A Wolf Comes at Night’ goes to Hollywood

September 29, 2019

One night, on a small ranch in 1980s Illinois, two children and their grandfather are forced to defend their livelihood as a wolf wreaks havoc on the family farm. Directed by 2018 cinema art and science a...

Mayor Emanuel asks Little League to reverse JRW decision

February 16, 2015

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has asked Little League officials to reconsider stripping Jackie Robinson West of their Championship Title. An investigation by the Little League found that some of the players lived outside...

Maire Hahn sings for an audience and plays the keyboard during AEMMP Records release party.

AEMMP records releases day//night CD compilations

November 10, 2014

AEMMP Records, Columbia’s student-run record label, teamed up with the “Club Management: Practicum” class in the Business & Entrepreneurship Department to host a CD release for the label’s latest compilation, day//night, on Nov. 6 at HAUS in the 623 S. Wabash Ave. Build...

Blonde Redhead sway Bottom Lounge audience

Kazu Makino, rhythm guitarist/vocalist of Blonde Redhead, plays at the Bottom Lounge, 1375 W. Lake St., while on tour for the band's ninth album Barragán. 

By Arts & Culture Editor

November 10, 2014

Before the dawn of large stadium rock shows and corporate-sponsored outdoor festivals, fans could go to local bars or small clubs to see the barrier broken between the audience and the band. Blonde Red...

Talk about a HAUS Party

Talk about a HAUS Party

September 29, 2014

Students packed the HAUS, 623 S. Wabash Ave., Sept. 25 for the annual HAUS party. The event, hosted by the Business & Entrepreneurship Department’s Club Management class, was open to all Columbia students, staff and faculty and featured an acoustic lineup of artists...

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