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From alleyways to galleries

By Arts & Culture Editor

March 14, 2016

A crumpled bag of Cheetos, some balled-up t-shirts and maybe a PlayStation. In the mess of a student’s dirty dorm room, one icon shines through the clutter: a concert poster from a favorite band.“The concert poster represents a tangible connection to part of their identity,” said Dan MacAdam, illustrator and founder of Crosshair Silkscreen Printing and Design. “They can put it up in their room and display it to their frie...

“Bloodborne,” a combat-based video game, is the newest creation from director Hidetaka Miyazaki released by From Software. “Bloodborne” is available on Sony’s PS4.

‘Bloodborne’ proves no need for ‘Souls’

April 6, 2015

“Bloodborne,” an action-based, role-playing video game, takes the established formula of “Dark Souls”—a similar game that released its second version in March 2014—and expands on it. With flui...

Featured Artist: Joseph Hogwood

Featured Artist: Joseph Hogwood

February 17, 2014

“Charlotte Seeker,” an arcade-inspired video game that resembles a fast-pace, pupil-dilating “Pac-man,” will allow players to blast through space as a heroic princess. The game’s nostalgic sci-fi world was created by senior interactive arts & media major Joseph Hogwood...

Q&A with Jury Foreman on the Drew Peterson case

By Dannis Valera

September 19, 2012

In his striped V-neck shirt and jeans, Eduardo Saldana, a 22-year-old junior radio major, has the appearance of a typical college kid. He goes to school, plays video games, watches sports and runs a blog. Saldana is also from bolingbrook, Ill., a fact that led him to become part of a trial that drew national attention.Read the full Q&A by our Campus Editor, Alex Kukulka, in the Sept. 17 edition of The Columbia Chronic...

Sony should have told customers about hack on day 1

By Luke Wilusz

May 9, 2011

Sony was recently caught up in the largest and most severe online security disaster this generation has ever seen, and the company has only made things worse by poorly handling it almost every step of the way.The trouble started on April 20 when Sony’s PlayStation Network servers were taken offline. Sony said the network was “down for maintenance” at the time. Rumors of a security breach began to circulate on blogs ...

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