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Exhibit transforms digital to physical

Benjamin Cook created artwork for his exhibit using various media including acrylic paint in pieces like a “Flower Sniffin,’” pictured here. 


September 6, 2016

Tension between digital and organic worlds is the theme of a new exhibition scheduled to open Sept. 9 and run until Oct. 29 at Zg Gallery, 300 W. Superior St.Benjamin Cook, a third-year MFA candidate in ...

Let’s have a ‘sex KiKi’

coriama couture (pictured) hosts monthly “sex KiKis,” events in which attendees can embrace what femininity means to them in relation to the month’s theme. 

By Arts & Culture Reporter

April 18, 2016

Discussions on topics like “platonic touch” and what that means to each person present fuel monthly “sex KiKis.”Hosted by creator coriama couture, the meetups help attendees embrace and discus...

Boston-based indie-pop band Air Traffic Controller debuted in 2009 and released their latest record NORDO in June 2012, funded it through a Kickstarter campaign.

Air Traffic Controller lands listeners

September 2, 2014

Boston-based indie-rockband Air Traffic Controller is gaining notoriety as its songs rapidly draw the attention of Spotify users. Within weeks, their single, “You Know Me,” has racked up hundreds ...

Cheryl Faux, sophomore marketing communication major, tweets and monitors the Internet in search of trends she can use in her marketing strategies. 

Featured Artist: Cheryl Faux

March 3, 2014

Cheryl Faux, sophomore marketing communication major, became an Internet junkie when she started creating her Tumblr page, {365} by learning how to use Adobe programs like Photoshop to brand herself i...

Environmental Protection Initiative at Columbia rescues Earth Day

By Heather Scroering

April 2, 2012

Because the Recycling Program will not be hosting an Earth Day event on campus this year due to the prioritization process, the Environmental Protection Initiative at Columbia has stepped in with several plans for the week of Earth Day.According to sophomore fiction writing major and EPIC President Virginia Baker, the organization will focus during the week of April 16 on simple, everyday ways to be green and give tips on how...

U.S. needs to stop retouching, embrace natural beauty

By Amanda Murphy

February 28, 2011

Since my first pimple when I was in fifth grade, I was always envious of the seemingly flawless skin of cosmetics models. I also fell for advertisements and was convinced the makeup would indeed give me the poreless photo finish it depicted. Even after seeing a variety of Photoshop-of-Horrors, it never occurred to me the same tools might be used in the cosmetics industry.I always thought models had superhuman genes or were bl...

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