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SFS aims to educate students on finances

SFS aims to educate students on finances

March 9, 2015

With new leadership, students may see some changes to the Office of Student Financial Services in the near future.Since starting at the college on Feb. 2, Cynthia Grunden, assistant vice president of S...

“Black or White,” starring Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer, tells the story of a mourning widower (Costner) who is brought into a custody battle over his granddaughter (Jillian Estell) whom he has helped raise for her entire life.

‘Black or White’ leaves no room for gray area

February 16, 2015

In America, conversations about race often take place in a world of gray. The film “Black or White,” a new family drama written and directed by Mike Binder, does not take place in this world, thou...

2012: The Year of Nostalgia

By Drew Hunt

February 20, 2012

A lot has been written and said about the Academy Awards over the years, and it’s safe to say that the breadth of the ongoing conversation makes plenty of room for people with diverging opinions. I find there are three distinct zones of Oscar appreciation: Oscar Devotees, who hold annual viewing parties, serve relatively inexpensive champagne and predict the nominees in hopes of winning some sort of office pool; Middle-O...

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