The Columbia Chronicle


Columbia posts secrets anonymously

By Shardae Smith

November 15, 2010

Self-esteem, compatibility and sexually transmitted diseases are a few of the issues some students at Columbia deal with, and they’re telling everyone anonymously on Oct. 4, freshman marketing communication major Tanisha Pina created the Columbia Confesses blog, which allows students to post secrets.Pina posted the blog’s link on Columbia’s Facebook application and received more than 100 secrets in 24 ...

Progressive foragers show their findings

By WilliamPrentiss

October 26, 2009

Nance Klehm forages for the dandelions, burdocks and yarrows growing in Illinois’ natural landscapes, but she doesn’t look for them in a forest. She pulls them from obscure places around the city where they sprout out of cracks in the sidewalk and from train stops where noisy locomotives regularly rattle their leaves.Her urban foraging is among the 99 creative uses of an urban environment that can be found in the new exhi...

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