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House bill could help transgender and undocumented students

House bill could help transgender and undocumented students

May 31, 2019

Some transgender and undocumented students have difficulty acquiring government funding to pay for higher education, but an Illinois House bill could make it easier. The Retention of Illinois St...

Columbia to spread ‘SALT’ across college campus

Columbia to spread ‘SALT’ across college campus

February 29, 2016

SALT, a new program designed to give students a taste for better financial management, became available to Columbia students via email in January of the Spring 2016 Semester.The program, developed by Ameri...

Stitching together artistic past, present

Stitching together artistic past, present

By Sarah Madera

April 28, 2014

African-American women made quilts to keep their families warm long before the Civil War, but now the quilts demonstrate a cultural artistry unique to the South. To honor the historical significance o...

Tiny Fireflies fuse two talents

By Trevor Ballanger

November 5, 2012

Two Chicago-based musicians fused their talents in 2009 to form an indie pop duo with delicate, emotional lyrics and formulaic melodies.Lead singer Kristine Capua of Tiny Microphone and guitarist/drummer Lisle Mitnik of Fireflies united for their collaborative effort, Tiny Fireflies. The two are now roommates but were only pen pals when Mitnik lived in California before moving to Chicago.Together they produced another EP ...


By The Columbia Chronicle

October 21, 2012

by Heather Schroering, Editor-In-Chief and Ivana Hester, Assistant Campus EditorThe median annual income of recent Columbia graduates lags far behind that of other colleges’ alumni, nearly $7,000 below the national median for those in the arts and media fields and $5,000 below the median for all recent U.S. college graduates, a Columbia survey shows.In fall 2011, the college surveyed 2,500 Columbia alumni who graduated wit...

Navy Pier reimagined, redesigned

By Amanda Murphy

February 13, 2012

Chicago has long been known as a city that puts great stock in its architecture. The Navy Pier redesign plans released Jan. 30 propose to push Chicago further into the architectural spotlight, no matter how big or seemingly outrageous they might be.The proposed plans range from a glacier sculpture on the lake, off the east end of the pier, to a series of interlacing boardwalks extending over the water, to a public hot tub...


By Darryl Holliday

November 7, 2011

With a combination of rising tuition, a recession, high levels of unemployment and unprecedented loan debt, it’s hard to know for certain if the country is experiencing a transitory crisis or another potentially catastrophic bubble. Many experts and higher education faculty members familiar with student loan debt think the latter.As overall student debt is set to top $1 trillion, graduates with federal and private loans may fin...

Monstrous staff cuts at Field Museum

By SpencerRoush

December 22, 2010

For more than 30 years Dave Willard has spearheaded an arguably morbid research project: Collecting birds that fall to their untimely death after flying full force into McCormick Place’s clear glass structure.At first glance this seemed like strange behavior or an odd collection to keep, but that wasn’t the case.Collecting these birds has allowed Willard and fellow Field Museum of Natural History researcher Doug Stotz to discover volumes of in...

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