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Fans question Beyoncé’s LGBT community support

By Managing Editor

November 9, 2015

Voters in Houston failed to approve a proposed equal rights ordinance Nov. 3 that would have marked an LGBT victory in the state of Texas.The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance  (HERO) would have prohibited discrimination based on a number of characteristics, including sexual orientation and gender identity. However, the bill failed to pass after 62 percent of the public voted against it.Opponents of gay marriage used fear tact...

Murder rates are up 20% over October 2014.

Gun buyback program announcement reignites conversation on gun violence

October 26, 2015

The city of Chicago is trading cash for guns in an effort to reduce crime on its notoriously violent streets.The $250,000 program, announced in an Oct. 19 press release, arrives as Chicago’s 2015 murder rate...

The City of Chicago released two new communication methods on Oct. 9 to increase transparency. 

City of Chicago adds two new tools for greater transparency

October 19, 2015

To make information and business opportunities more accessible, the City of Chicago has launched two communication avenues that will primarily benefit small businesses around Chicago.A new YouTube channel...

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